Expectation vs. Reality of Being an Adult

Why is it that when we are a kid all we want to do is grow up, but when we grow up all we want to do is be a kid again?

We do not realize what we have until it is gone. I always thought adults were exaggerating when they complained about the difficulties of growing up, but they  hate to admit that they were right.

As a young girl, I could not wait to grow up, and I would fantasize about living this perfect, flawless life.

 However, I was unaware of the realities of being an adult.

Now that I am an adult, I find myself engulfed by waves of nostalgia and I yearn to the days of being a carefree child. I wish to run around aimlessly and catch fireflies at night.

I want to be mesmerized by the illustrations in picture books. I long for the days when my greatest dilemma in life was to have to decide whether or not I should have chocolate-flavored or honey-flavored Teddy Grahams.

Madison Bulger, a freshman communication student, said, “I miss the days when I was in my front yard making mud pies with my best friend.”

Deya Fuleihan, a freshman political science student, added, “I loved when the ice cream truck would come on my street and I would get so excited, and run outside to get my favorite: a rainbow snow cone.”

Those days of childhood are over and gone and it is tragic; growing up is not as fun as being a kid.

Nicholas Messina, a communication professor, described the hardest part about being an adult is “remembering that there is no official definition for being one. There is no set in stone rule book about the criteria.

The expectations of what it means come from television and Hollywood and they’re not exactly always the most reliable sources.

Besides that concept cleaning the toilet. Cleaning the toilet is the hardest part of being an adult.”

Here are some expectations vs. the reality of being an adult.

Expectation: You are going to drive your dream car- a purple Volkswagen Beetle with fuzzy seat covers.

Reality: You drive your dad’s old SUV that has over 200,000 miles, the air conditioning is broken, and it makes so many noises and will fall apart any second.

Expectation: You are going to eat whatever food you want because your mom can’t force you to eat meatloaf and broccoli anymore.

Reality: You can’t afford to eat whatever you want. Therefore, your diet primarily consists of Ramen and Easy Mac.

Expectation: You are going to have a good-looking boyfriend that loves you for who you are and your relationship is perfect.

Reality: You are forever alone and in search of Mr. Right.

Expectation: You are easily going to pursue your dream job of being a doctor.

Reality: You realize that you will have to go through undergraduate, graduate, and medical school.

After your years in school you will have to find a job while drowning in an insane amount of college debt.

Expectation: You are going to stay up as late as you want because you no longer have a bed time.

Reality: You wish you could go to bed earlier because you’re exhausted from juggling school, work, and your social life.

Expectation: You are going to travel the world with your best friends.

Reality: You don’t have enough money to pay for gas in your car, let alone a flight to anywhere else in the world.

Expectation: You are going to have a killer wardrobe with high-fashion designer clothes.

Reality: Your wardrobe consists mainly of flimsy, poor-quality clothing from Forever 21 and H&M because the deals there are stellar.

Being an adult may not be exactly what we all expected, but the choice to grow up is optional.

Age is but a number and it is truly dependent upon an individual to decide whether or not they lose those their child-like qualities.

Although, the reality of being an adult is not as glamorous as we dreamt it would be.

Adulthood holds so many exciting new adventures and it is up to us to make it as enjoyable as possible. Whether or not you are young or old there are so many incredible and new journeys to experience throughout your life.