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Kenneth Womack Releases New Beatles Encyclopedia

Kenneth Womack, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, is set to release his new book, The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four, on Nov. 30. The book is an updated version of the original, which was published as two volumes in 2014.

“The Beatles have been the subject of more than 2,000 books,” said Womack. “For this reason, they are the subject of intense scholarly scrutiny. Yet at the same time, they are often misunderstood or the subjects of enduring myths and misinformation. In my own way, The Beatles Encyclopedia is a means for getting the story right.”

So, what is different about this book in comparison to its original? According to Womack, “The new abridged version will be priced to allow for a wider readership. I originally penned the encyclopedia as a means for capturing the details of the Beatles’ accomplishments—from Abbey Road to Zapple Records—in one convenient resource.”

The creation of this book was a two-year process between all of the research that needed to be done and intense composition. Thankfully, Womack had support from peers and loved ones as he conducted his studies. “I am very fortunate to be supported by a number of the finest thinkers in Beatles scholarship, including Mark Lewisohn and Walter Everett, among others,” Womack said. “The real champion, though, is my wife Jeanine, who has been a central player in my Beatles journey.”

“This book is special, given that it is the only work of its kind,” said Womack. “It is both current and comprehensive, a book that accounts for the Beatles’ lives and works in their entirety. Moreover, the encyclopedia should speak to readers of all ages who want to learn more about the band and the incredible, enduring achievements.”

Womack New Beatles Encyclopedia 1“I think it would be interesting to read,” said Alexandra O’Connor, a senior education student. I don’t know that much about them, but I’ve heard many of their songs, especially through my parents. There would probably be a lot of interesting information about them that I don’t know yet.”

“They were so influential during their time period,” said Erin Behn, Disabilities Specialist and Education Professor. “I definitely think it’s important for students to learn more about the band. They changed music and its culture.”

“They pioneered rock and roll and pop culture as we know it today,” said Alexzandra Earley, school counseling graduate student. “They paved the way for all male music groups, from Nirvana to the Backstreet Boys.”

Earlier in this semester, the University’s Record Club had a meeting to review Bob Dylan’s album, Blonde on Blonde. Even though Dylan was popular years after the Beatles, the group even had an influence on Dylan and his music (and yes, Womack was there and commented on the situation and how the Beatles influenced Dylan).

Not only does this hold true for Dylan, but in other unsuspecting ways. Their influence has even spread as far as to the popular rapper Lil Wayne; he created a song entitled “John” and even says in his lyrics, “Remember me like John Lennon.” The song “John” was released in 2011, which is decades after the Beatles were in their prime. Clearly, they have a strong influence in music and even in several unsuspecting areas.

“The Beatles give me a sense of nostalgia,” said Gina Priore, sophomore communication student. “My mom used to listen to it during the day, and I can just picture it playing in the background. They’re an important band to continue to learn about.”

The Beatles Encyclopedia: Everything Fab Four will be released on Nov. 30.

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