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Phi Kappa Psi Hosts Monmouth’s Got Talent

Phi Kappa Psi held their annual philanthropy event, “Monmouth’s Got Talent” on Wednesday at 10 p.m. in Pollak Theater.

This exciting night started out with the hosts of the show introducing themselves.

Johnny Maurer and Tom Curry, both brothers of Phi Kappa Psi, welcomed all the attendees for coming and spoke about their philanthropy, the Boys and Girls Club.

According to the Boys and Girls Club of Monmouth County’s website, “The Boys and Girls Club of Monmouth County is a private non-profit organization that serves children that come from some of the difficult circumstances in the County. With professional licensed staff, Boys and Girls Clubs of Monmouth County’s youth enjoy a variety of activities.”

Monmouth’s Got Talent is essentially a show where different acts perform on stage giving it all that they’ve got, and are then judged by four judges of the night.

At the end a winner is given the title of the champion of MGT.

The show began with the first contestant, Tia Romeo, a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau, who performed a song.

Next to perform were Matt Yard, JP Stabner, Josh Knox, and Dan Gilby, all brothers of Delta Tau Delta.

With the use of different guitars and a drum set, the group performed their rendition of Blink 182’s “All the Small Things.”

Henry Tran, from Sigma Tau Gamma, and Demi Dentes, from Alpha Omicron Pi, took the stage third and slowed things down with a duet that caused the crowd to listen intently.

Phi Kappa Psi Monmouth Talent Show 2Up fourth was the Monmouth University’s Cheer Team, who danced to a mash up of popular songs, intriguing the crowd with lifts, flips, and turns.

Afterwards, Julius Madden, brother of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Bobby Wolf, and Brandon Bolanos sang “Closer” by the Chainsmokers and was a crowd favorite.

Mahalia Jackson, sister of Alpha Sigma Tau, then went on stage and belted out her song, engaged the audience involved with clapping and even singing a few verses.

Lastly, Mike Levy, brother of Phi Psi sang a song of his own, which was absolutely hysterical and a great way to end the show.

After the judges tallied up their scores, the results were ready to be announced. In third place was Mahalia Jackson. In second place were the brothers of Delta Tau Delta.

Finally, in first place was Julius, Bobby, and Brandon. When asked how he thought the event went, Johnny Maurer, Junior and Fundraising Chair for Phi Kappa Psi said, “The Phi Kappa Psi talent show went very smoothly.

It was great to see how talented the students at Monmouth University really are. Hosting an event for my fraternity was truly an enjoyment and the audience seemed to have a great time as well”.

Alyssa Cosentino, junior Psychology student said, “I feel that Phi Kappa Psi did an amazing job with pulling off this event. There was a variety of different talents and it was very exciting to watch and listen to.”

Another attendee of the event, Alex Krissow, senior Education student said, “The event was very successful. A lot of people showed up to support an awesome cause and showed Monmouth just how much talent the students have. I enjoyed it a lot.”

Michele Kaplan, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Fraternity and Sorority Life said, “I feel that this event was the best attended this semester which is great to see.

It was really nice to see the audience’s interaction with all the performances, as well as all the talent that occurred on that stage.”

Photos Courtesy of Julius Madden