Budget Wine Dine

Wine & Dine On A Budget

If you have nothing but 20 dollars in your pocket, instead of “popping some tags” as Macklemore encourages in his song “Thrift Shop,” why not take that cash and put it toward a good time with someone special? Dating can get pretty expensive, but there are plenty of things you can do with just a few bucks. You just need to know how to utilize your resources. This article will give you some date ideas for when you are just plain broke.

As a college student or anyone without a well-paying job, it is common to find yourself spending all of your money on food, bills, or those pricey textbooks. Any extra money is what you hope to use for activities with your friends, and maybe even a significant other. If you use your imagination, you’ll find it won’t take much to have a good time.

John Morano, a Professor of Journalism provided some insight on his past date experiences, including one that involved taking someone out of the country. I know you are probably thinking that sounds crazy and that it definitely costs some money to do that. However, Morano explained that he took his date to a local deli for some sandwiches and to her surprise, he walked them over to the United Nations building for a nice lunch in what is considered international territory. Morano said, “If I promise you I’ll take you out of the country, you bet that’s where we’re going.”

If you don’t think you can pull off some smooth moves like that you can try something as simple as “Netflix & Chill,” but you might want to do an activity with some adventure. Who doesn’t enjoy lounging around on a lazy Sunday, but some “wow” factor is a must. Junior software engineering student Claudia Ondecker shared, “It could be as easy as taking a drive to the beach with some hot cocoa from Dunkin’ Donuts, and snuggling up on a blanket to watch the stars.” Not everyone is out for money, but many of us just want some romance.

Another fun, cheap night out is a spontaneous coin ride. Kat D’Amico, a junior English and education student, explained, “All you need is a penny to toss  and whether it’s heads or tails, you just drive in whichever direction is designated, right or left.” Talk about a cheap date! If you aren’t looking to go far from Monmouth, Asbury Park has a beautiful boardwalk with neat shops and quaint restaurants. Not to mention, the murals of Asbury Park are great photo spots.

Some winter fun could be had if you happen to pass by Pier Village in Long Branch. The area just recently opened an ice skating rink for those who don’t mind the cold. It’s within the twenty-dollar budget, plus your date might just be cold enough to want to hold your hand! If going out is not your thing, you could never go wrong with a night in of a home-made dinner and some freshly baked cookies to go with a glass of milk, before cuddling up to watch holiday movies.

Whether you’re interested in a night in, or some fun outdoors, your limited funds are no longer an excuse to make some great memories with your significant other. It’s all about the moments you create together, not the cost because memories are priceless.

IMAGE TAKEN from www.njmom.com