Monmouth De Stress

De-Stress at Monmouth

Stressed spelled backward is desserts, and for some, a sweet treat can be the perfect solution to help eliminate it. Before grabbing that candy bar or a pint of ice cream, take into consideration the many ways to relieve stress right here on campus.

An extremely helpful way to relieve stress is to receive guidance from Counseling and Psychological Services, which is located on the third floor of the Rebecca Stafford Student Center. From personal experience, psychological services has helped me tremendously in the past. At times, us students just need someone to talk to whether it is our stress surrounding an 18 credit semester or balancing both our social and academic lives. There are many different tools and exercises that professionals can teach clients to help them alleviate stress. 

On the Monmouth University homepage, if you navigate to resources and then click current students, you will see Counseling and Psychological Services listed under the health and wellness.

From there, you will find several different questionnaires. The wellness or the student stress questionnaire will help you to determine your stress level and if you need to seek out guidance from counseling and psychological services.

A second way to find stress relief here on campus could be found in becoming involved in the many campus clubs and organizations that Monmouth offers. Socializing and getting to know other students who may be going through similar struggles can be helpful. Writing is a great way to take a breather from homework or studying.

Another club that helps with stress is the Outdoors Club. This club holds trips and activities, like hiking, camping, and surfing, that helps students connect with nature, which can then eliminate some of the stress you might be experiencing. For students that reside at Pier Village, walking up and down the beach is a great way to clear your mind as well.

Brie D’ambrosia, a junior business administration student, feels the most anxious right before midterms or when she has many upcoming assignments and exams. To alleviate stress, she organizes everything and prioritizes her assignments. Also, she exercises on campus, is a member of the Student Activities Board, and she is a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi. Spending time with her friends and other SAB members help to alleviate her stress.

A junior health and physical education student, Stuart Faunce, experiences the most stress in the beginning of a semester. Faunce handles stress by working out at the fitness center and being a member of the Outdoors and Auto Club. He believes that there are many great clubs here on campus, but unfortunately, his time on campus is limited since he is a commuter student.

In addition to the many on-campus clubs and organizations that can potentially relieve student stress, during the warmer days spent on Monmouth University’s beautiful campus, students can enjoy the therapeutic nature of the manicured lawns and architectural details of Wilson Hall. Lucia Bailey, a sophomore English student said, “I usually sit outside on a bench and listen to music to decompress after a stressful day of classes.”

Eleanor Novek, a Communication Professor, feels stressed at the end of spring semester because both professors and students are working their hardest. Do not forget that during finals week, Monmouth University encourages students to take a break with the De-Stress Fest, which usually involves puppies and massages.

For Professor Novek, the beginning of fall semester is the least stressful because people have had time away from campus and are excited to start again. To alleviate stress, she walks by the ocean or through trails in the woods with her husband.

Her advice to students is to stop worrying about grades, breathe deep, take the dog for a walk, smile at your loved ones, listen to music, or get outside in nature. “Nobody ever looked back on their college days and said, gee, I wish I had gotten an A instead of a B on that exam. Your family will not care, your friends will not care, and your future employers will not care,” said Novek.

With the spring semester just starting off, keep in mind all the resources that Monmouth University offers students to relieve stress. Stop worrying so much, head over to Counseling and Psychological Services when you need some guidance during the semester or to the OceanFirst Bank Center for a quick workout to get your mind off of your busy schedule. Take care of yourself  because your mental health is more important than making dean’s list.

IMAGE TAKEN from Monmouth University Facebook Page