Success Hard Work And Luck

“The Keys to Success are Hard Work and Luck”

Is There Any Truth Behind This Outdated Adage?

Success Hard Work And LuckIf all you trust with your success is luck, you’re living in a sense of falsehood. The key to success is blatant and very straightforward: work hard, keep your head down, and keep pushing through while staying positive.


It is impossible to start your career if you’re lacking knowledge, and the only thing you can do is educate yourself for the position and work to qualify for it. We can’t just roll some dice and say whatever happens happens; we need to provide actions towards achieving our goals.

The harder one works, the more opportunities may rise, but that isn’t sheer luck, that is strictly dedication and hard work. This does not mean that people are never born with any special talents, but for people who don’t necessarily have a special talent, they can still reach the same level of success than those that do. Furthermore, they can exceed expectations with hard work.

People often have a misconstrued conception on luck; to some, luck is seen in people who are born rich, or the people who are born fit and healthy. This, however, is not luck. They are simply excuses that unsuccessful, lazy people use to feel sorry for themselves. But that is utter illogical nonsense.

The people who are ‘born rich’ had parents or grandparents who worked extremely hard to create that legacy. Those corporations and large estates didn’t just happen because of luck. And those who say some people are just lucky to be ‘healthy and fit’ are those who assume you just have no control over your body, so it isn’t worth even trying. Which of course, is not true; those people who are healthy and fit have the patience for progress, have a correct mindset on eating nutritious food, exercising rigorously, and constrain the amount of unhealthy food they consume.

Brianna Cicerelle, a freshman accounting student, stated, “Luck does not play a role in becoming successful. To be successful, you must work hard. Unlike with luck, you are not guaranteed to be successful because you have never worked towards it.”

She continued, “People need to work hard because if they wait for luck to come around, they will never be successful. You cannot go on with life simply hoping for a better position or a higher paying job, you must exert effort for it.”

Jacklyn Matkowski, a freshman history and education student, added, “There is no correlation between luck and being successful. If you spend your life believing that luck will make you successful, not only will you be unsuccessful, but you will probably also be unhappy.”

“There is something fulfilling about achieving success through hard work. As a student, we can see the rift between those who trust their luck to get them by and those who believe hard work is the only way to succeed. The results speak for themselves,” she elaborated.

Frank Cipriani, world languages and cultures instructor, stated, “I can offer the example of my father. He has tremendous luck. Lotteries, life situations, you name it. Each time something lucky happens, he knows how to take advantage of his luck. Success isn’t so much a matter of luck, but if luck comes your way, a successful person never squanders his/her luck.”

Cipriani’s view might seem different than mine, but once you read carefully you see it’s quite similar.He spoke about how his father knows how to take advantage of luck, meaning that that luck was not present until he took advantage of a situation, which takes dedication and analyzation.

There is a huge importance and emphasis on hard work and dedication in order for one to be successful, especially in the long term. Many people give up on a lot of their goals due to how rigorous it may be to achieve that goal. But next time you decide to just roll the dice and hope for the best, make sure you master your roll.