Effects of Dedication in the Workplace

As any college student knows, it is important to build up your résumé, so you can follow your dreams. Dedication is crucial to success. Many people have talent, skills, access to opportunities, good fortune, and connections, which are means to success. However, even if you possess two or three of these factors, if you are not dedicated to being the best version of yourself, you probably will not achieve continued success throughout your life.

Dedication is caring about something to an extreme extent. When you are dedicated, you give everything you have—all of your efforts—to a cause or to a task. This is an important trait to exemplify in the workplace in particular.

Setbacks occur, and if you are not dedicated, instead of stepping up, you will stay down and disappointed, which could lead you to quit. Job dedication allows you to be more likely to gain success, promotions, and the ability to work with difficult people. These life skills are beneficial for you to enjoy your job and be able to reach your highest potential. It is important for a company as well as co-workers to see eye-to-eye to ensure the highest success business wise and to create a positive work setting.

Job dedication teaches discipline, passion, and time management, which are vital to success. These ideas keep individuals focused on important issues and take your work seriously in order to make it the best it can be. In addition, some benefits you can receive through job dedication is respect, the ability to utilize your creativity, and flexibility.

These benefits allow you to be happier at your job and feel secure with your position knowing that you are valued. This, in turn, encourages employees to give 100 percent, because when you know your boss/company supports you, you go the extra mile. One of the benefits of having an intrinsic motivation is that you do your best because that is what you demand of yourself, even if those around you do not value or appreciate you.

The only downside of dedication is that your superiors will constantly assign you tasks that are difficult and challenging based on your history of problem solving, positive attitude, and completion of a task with a smile on your face. Personally, in my job as a part-time sales associate, I am constantly assigned challenging tasks such as straightening the longest aisles and re-arranging aisles as well. My employers value me because of my dedication, which is expressed in my timeliness, covering when co-workers call out sick, taking on challenging tasks, and working with unhappy customers.

Given the current job climate, the lessons I have learned from my job dedication at my low-entry job will be carried throughout my future career. Furthermore, they will assist me in securing and maintaining employment in the future. That fosters happiness, security, and the good life that we all seek. Dedication truly has an impact on all areas of life. Exercising this dedication can only lead to a positive future.