Springing Into Schoolwork

“Springing” into Schoolwork

When the springtime weather starts rearing its head, there is a feeling of rejuvenation and a higher level of focus on getting things done. There is a reason that there are things like spring-cleaning and the temptations of buying new wardrobes for the spring season.

This rejuvenation is either a positive or a negative in our schoolwork. On one hand, this great weather could inspire us to be more productive and really get things done.

When the semester is winding down, we have quite a bit of work to not only do, but to catch up on too.

So, when we start to feel better about ourselves and our state of mind because of warmer weather, we can accomplish all of these tasks at hand.

Dr. David Strohmetz, a professor of psychology, stated, “There is something called the good mood effect. When the weather is nice, we tend to be a better mood, which does influence our behavior. We become more willing to help another person in need and also become more generous.” 

“For example, people tend to tip their server more when not only the weather is nicer out, but even when they believe that the weather is forecasted to be nice. So, regarding spring days, we do tend to be in a good mood those first nice days when it seems that the gloom of weather is over,” he further explained.

When we are in good moods because of this weather, we are nicer and in a happier state of mind in general. This helps us focus more on our work. Victoria Howe, a senior psychology student, said, “springtime, the nice weather at least, makes us view ourselves more positively and motivates us to do better in our classes.”

During the spring season, some professors try to harness this motivation and hold classes outside.

Dr. Merrily Ervin, coordinator of school of science general education courses, commented on her experiences with holding classes outside, “There are many distractions – one time I had a class outside and there was a soccer practice going on nearby, which proved to be much more interesting to many students, than whatever topic I was hoping to discuss!”

This brings up the other hand of spring weather—distractions. Many also find that the spring weather can be distracting from schoolwork. There is an itching to get outside and enjoy the sun and beautiful weather and neglect coursework. I know for me, personally, the spring weather is a negative impact on my coursework.

Like Ervin stated, the distractions in the spring weather are overwhelming. There are lots of events on campus, sun and warmth outside the classroom, and there is an impending feeling of summer approaching slowly.

Katryna Cordova, a senior English student, claimed, It’s a negative distraction because you really don’t want to be sitting inside a room and doing homework or working in the library at all hours. The spring weather makes me want to sit outside or go for a walk and knowing I have a really long paper to write only makes me upset.”

The second we feel that warmth, it is a reminder that summer is right around the corner. For some, this means that they feel as though they need to kick it into gear and finish the semester strong, but for others it means that it is relaxing time already.

Regardless of if this springtime change changes you and motivates in schoolwork or motivates you in slacking off and getting into the sun, there is a recognizable change in attitudes around campus when the spring weather emerges.

Motivation increases across the board purely because of the happiness that correlates with the warmer weather.

Where the motivation lies is a case-by-case scenario, but the fact that happiness increases is all that matters; I am sure we are all looking forward to a warmer and happier campus in our very near future.

PHOTO TAKEN by Alexandria Afanador