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I remember high school was less stressful than college. Now, I have bouts of aches in my head, stomach and back. I am not going back home, so what can I do?

Your question gets a classic response… welcome to adulthood. Our answer not only applies to students, but to all adults. Stress in college is a precursor for what to expect in the workplace. It can be a problem and health concern when it persists for long periods.

The stats. Over 80% of college student report feeling stressed. On the extreme end, a surprising 10% had thoughts of suicide. Students are confronted by issues new in their life: living away from home, studying intensively, paying for school, and choosing a career.

You need to learn stress management and reduction techniques. Do not look for this in your syllabus. Medicine is a passive prescription, while stress relief is an active one. Our advice is a list of Do’s and Don’ts.

Get enough sleep is first on the list. Your college lifestyle makes sleep a casualty. Being tired interferes with decision making and energy levels.

Pursue sports and exercise, just like in high school. This relieves stress and increases fitness.

Increasingly available at college is massage, offered at student rates. Massage is a major physical and emotional stress buster, throughout your life, claims massage chair industry blog.

Find your personal outlet, which can be a hobby, talking with friends or listening to music. Medical tests demonstrated listening to music reduces stress levels in the body.

Stay away from too much fast food. It has been confirmed the ingredients in your meal alter mood.

Take a break from stress on your Summer vacation. The next time you get a Summer off, you will be retired.

Martin J. Young is a former correspondent of Asia Times.