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Students Take a Coffee Break with SAB and Haeley Vaughn

The Student Activities Board (SAB) held its Coffee Break Concert and Novelty event on Friday, Nov. 10 in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center.

The event started at 7 p.m. and ended at approximately 10 p.m..

Students were able to take a coffee break with acoustic country singer and American Idol contestant, Haeley Vaughn.

The week of the event, members of the executive board were giving out free coffee and k-cups at their table. SAB also played original songs and covers by Vaughn at the table.

“Coffee Break was a creatively promoted event that was well-run by both our Concerts Chair and Novelties Chair,” said Lindsay Smith, Advisor for SAB and Assistant Director of Student Activities.

“Haeley Vaughn’s vibe was perfect with the overall theme of the night,” she continued.

The event also featured an opening performance from sophomore music industry student and Blue Hawk Records member, Monica Flores.

“I’ve been performing most of my life and I’ve enjoyed working at Monmouth with the people in the music and theatre department and being in the overall creative atmosphere,” explained Flores.

“I’m hoping to work with everyone around me and take advantage of every opportunity,” she continued.

Set up for the event started at 5:30 p.m. The executive board and general members worked together to transform the student center into a realistic coffee house concert.

Lights were draped along the walls and candles were hung up to create a relaxing, laidback ambiance.

 A stage was set up for both performers and tables were brought together for a DIY craft and coffee tumblers.

For the DIY craft, students were able to design their own scrabble tile coffee coasters.

Amped Events, a vendor for the event, arrived as well to give out customizable monogram coffee tumblers. Junior and math education student Jenna Koppel was excited to receive her tumbler. “I love how it has my monogram on it. It came out really cute and I can’t wait to bring it to class when I’m in a time crunch,” Koppel said.

The crafts served as a fun activity to do while students were enjoying the music. Students could take home their creations.

Members of SAB designed a coffee bar display so students could warm up with a cup of free coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

Along with the hot beverages, this event had an array of desserts for students to enjoy. A junior English and education student and Concerts Chair for SAB, Brittany Bennett, put together the event alongside senior marketing student and Novelties Chair Tianna Fougeray.

“We wanted to give students an opportunity to unwind, hang out with friends and enjoy coffee and desserts with great music to listen to in the background,” said Bennett.

Kendall Lokosky, a junior social work student and Awareness Chair for SAB, said Vaughn was the ideal performer to have for Coffee Break.

“She engaged the crowd throughout her performance by asking for requests of popular covers that the audience wanted to hear. Her energy was contagious and got the crowd singing along to throwback covers such as ‘Our Song’ by Taylor Swift,” Lokosky explained.

The artist set up a table of fan merchandise. At the end of her performance she signed a poster for Bennett to keep and thanked SAB for having her at Monmouth University.

Brenna Sermarini, senior and Vice President of Finance and Logistics, thought that the event was an overall success.

“This coffee-inspired event was a success in creating a relaxing and fun night on campus for students,” she said.

Be sure to check out the Student Activities Board’s next event welcoming comedian Pete Lee in Anacon Hall at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 2

PHOTO COURTESY of Tianna Fougeray