Fending Off Flu

Fending Off the Flu

The flu is in full swing this year with the widespread epidemic reaching worldwide including our own campus. Although the demographics that should be most concerned are young children and the elderly, this year’s flu is no laughing matter. This article will help give you ideas on how to prevent the flu and keep it from spreading.

The first line of defense to any virus or bacteria is your own body’s immune system. Most people take a multi vitamin every day, but that isn’t always needed if you have a well-balanced diet. Eating healthy seems impossible when living on campus and eating at the dining hall, but there are options that can help strengthen your immune system.

Incorporating fruits and vegetables when offered can really add the necessary vitamins and nutrients your body needs. As for snacking, try to pick up snacks that contain organic fruits and vegetables to give you that extra boost of vitamins and minerals incase the dining hall pizza was a better suit for dinner that day.

Whether you eat at the dining hall, or on your own, it is important to practice hand hygiene. Washing your hands prior to eating, doesn’t seem like a big deal but it can prevent bacteria and viruses from going from your hands to your food and then inside your body. Sophmore nursing student Marc Anatasico said, “Practice proper hand washing and applying preventative agents such as Purell and alcoholic hand wipes can be used to prevent the spread of the flu.”

You never know what is crawling around on your fingers and hands, so make sure to clean them prior to eating, and avoid biting your nails throughout the day. If at any point you do encounter someone with the flu, remember to enhance your hand hygiene by using rubbing alcoholic wipes or sanitizers after interacting with them. Assistant professor of nursing Patricia Sciscione , Ph.D., shared her advice. “The best way to prevent the flu is practice good hand hygiene, and to stay home when you’re sick. It’s not too late to get the flu shot,” she said.

Senior photography student Hunter Cox explains her own personal strategies. “I always carry hand sanitizer with me at all times. Working in the studios is very hands-on so it is important to keep them clean. I also carry hand lotion because although hand sanitizer keeps your hands clean, it sure does dry them out,” she said.

This also goes for anyone who loves to work out. The gym is a great place to go to let off some stress and stay fit, which is a huge plus in boosting your immune systems strength. But with the amount of people walking in and out, touching weights, and sweating, there are tons of opportunities for viruses to spread. Wipe down any equipment prior to using it, and after.

If all fails and you do find yourself feeling under the weather, drinking water is first and foremost to stay hydrated and tea with lemon is good for soothing a sore throat.

The flu does take some time to pass before your body builds full immunity to fight it, so until then, lay low and put rest first. You’re probably upset someone gave you this horrid flu, so it is in your best interest to recover fully and prevent it from spreading to anyone. Don’t be the one to get your whole dorm or house sick, so remember to put your bodies health first, and protect those around you.

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