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Student Activities Board Presents…The Coffee House Concert Series: Dylan Brady Live in Hesse Hall

What’s the only thing better than good music, great company, and a cup of coffee?

If all of those things were happening in one spot on campus. Oh wait…You’re in luck, because they are!

Student Activities Board (SAB) is hosting up and coming country artist Dylan Brady in Hesse Hall lounge on Thursday, March 29 from 7:30 p.m. until 9 p.m.

The performance is free and all students are encouraged to stop by and enjoy!

According to the artist’s website,, he is an aspiring American Country-Pop star.

“Hailing from New York, Dylan transplanted to Nashville, Tennessee, where he has seen success opening for artists like Zac Brown Band and sharing the stage with Rascal Flatt’s Joe Don Rooney. Dylan’s music crosses genres in a unique way, combining country melodies and lyrics with pop style production and EDM breakdowns.”

A young talent like Dylan is someone you certainly do not want to pass by.

The live concert is part of the “Coffee House Series” which provides a more intimate setting with an acoustic concert.

To tie it together, the event is complemented with a choice of hot or iced coffee, desserts, and of course, a laidback, feel-good vibe.

Brittany Bennett, a junior education student, currently holds the position of “Concerts Chair” on SAB’s executive board.

She is really excited to give students the opportunity to hear Dylan play live.

“SAB is stoked to bring Dylan to campus. With my position, I am always on the lookout for new artists,” Brittany said.

“Dylan was actually referred to me by one of our general members, Shannon Lawrence, who is a family friend of his.”

With this suggestion, Brittany took a chance to reach out and invited the country-singer to appear in the Coffee House Series and to her relief, he agreed.

With the uncertainty that comes with the music industry, however, booking artists and planning shows can be a crazy a roller coaster at times.

 Brittany said it feels nothing ever feels set it stone until the event actually happens It can be so nervewrecking at times, hoping everything pans out.

SAB Dylan Brady 2“The hardest part of being Concerts Chair is coping with unplanned situations that are out of my control, like the weather or technical difficulties,” she explained.

“But I quickly learned to adapt to these frustrations with a positive attitude to be the best leader I can be.”

Brittany is not alone, however, if she ever needs advice along the way, she always has someone to turn to who was in her shoes not too long ago.

James Ruffino, senior marketing student, served as Concerts Chair for two consecutive years prior to Brittany.

James has had his fair share of frustrations and definitely identifies with those struggles.

He brought artists like The White Panda, Abe Parker, Anthem Lights, and Bryce Vine to campus, just to name a few.

“Like Brittany,” James said, “I am passionate about event planning and that dedication behind it is the key for a successful show, in my opinion.”

“Being Concerts Chair was an amazing experience and has prepared me in pursuing a career in the industry.” James continued, “I was happy to leave my legacy with Brittany.”

Campus concerts hold some of the best memories in our students’ college careers.

Brian Foye, a graduate of the class of 2017, said that attending SAB concerts was something he always enjoyed.

His appreciation for these series and similar events grew after serving as the PR Direction on SAB’s executive board.

“I really miss grabbing my friends and enjoying some food or sweets as we listened to up and coming artists,” Brian said.

“It was everything I needed to have a good time.”

So, are you in? You don’t want to miss Thursday’s concert; Dylan Brady is a very talented artist that should stay on your radar.

Until then, you can find SAB members in the student center from 1-4 p.m. spreading the word and even handing out free coffee and tumblers!

Check out @Monmouth_SAB on Instagram for more information on upcoming events!

PHOTO COURTESY of Brittany Bennett

IMAGE TAKEN fro DylanBradyMusic Instagram