After Graduation

After Graduation

With graduation approaching in three weeks, a constant question that people keep asking is “what are your plans after graduation?”.

It is bad enough that the seniors already are experiencing immense amounts of emotions but now we have to deal with the added pressure of knowing what we are going to do.  Often times peoples intentions are not bad. People are just curious and interested in your life.

Although the intention is good, it can be overwhelming. I think many seniors, like myself, are more concerned with graduating and passing all of our finals. Currently, we are attempting to create a balance between academics and our ability to engage in our social life. Until I take my exams and pass them, I will not feel a sense of relief.

The stress of graduating also makes it difficult to focus on schoolwork. When people are constantly reminding me about graduation, it makes me nervous and anxious.

Even for those who do have plans after graduation, it is still important for us to enjoy the moment. Our generation is often in such a rush to move on to the next thing that we forget to make the most out of our current situation. I am grateful to have plans for next year and share them with others however I would like to do that at my own time.

The last few weeks of school is supposed to be a time in which we can hang out with our friends, go to our last few classes and cram while studying for finals.  Those are the important things to focus on before walking down that aisle. It becomes difficult to enjoy the last few weeks of college when other people are constantly asking about what is next.

Our generation has created a fast paced life where we are constantly moving on to the next thing without thinking about it.  We so often forget to enjoy the experience of being in college because we are constantly busy working to achieve a better goal.  Being college is a great opportunity that many people do not have. I am lucky enough to graduate and make it through my four years at Monmouth.

Today, many seniors make post graduate plans that are not aligned with their future aspiration because they are pressured to find the next big thing. This ends up hurting them in the long run. Regardless of future plans, society has forced others to become curious about a graduates future. Students who do not have a plan are already dealing with the uncertainty of the future and it can become very difficult to figure out plans when they are being pressured.

I admire my peers who are not sure about their future because that means they are willing to be flexible with their plans. That is a life skill that many of us struggle with.  Though I am very uncertain about my future, I am grateful for all my friends and family that have guided me throughout my four years at Monmouth. By the end of this journey, I am hopeful that I will find a new path.

PHOTO TAKEN by Brett O’Grady