iCMS CMO Susan Vitale

iCIMS Chief Marketing Officer Will Talk to Students About Finding a Career Path at T10 Capstone Dinner

This year, Career Services introduced the Transformative Ten (T10) Series, which culminated interactive events that connect students with networking opportunities and insight into experiences from the professionals in their field.

Anthony Urmey, Director of Transfer and Undeclared Student Services who helped market and build the T10 series said, “The initial statistics from students that we’ve heard from is that 94 percent of those students surveyed said that they felt a growth in their leadership skills and 85 percent said that they felt better prepared for life after college.”

The last installment of the T10 series is a Capstone Dinner with keynote speaker, Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for iCIMS, Inc.

According to her press kit, “As Chief Marketing Officer at iCIMS, Susan Vitale is ultimately responsible for shaping and sharing the iCIMS story across various audiences, including prospective and existing customers, the media, industry thought leaders, employees and candidates. She is also responsible for iCIMS’ brand strategy across public

relations, events, advertising, product marketing and content marketing.”

Urmey spoke highly about the choice to bring in Vitale as the keynote speaker, “Because of our partnership with iCIMS, we looked at the company, evaluated the members and we took one look at her and her background and thought, ‘This is perfect, she’s successful, she knows how to speak with millennials, it’s what we need.’”

At the dinner, Vitale will be speaking about how technology has changed the way students or new candidates for jobs are able to discover those jobs that could potentially be the right fit for them. Vitale will also touch on themes such as recruitment and recruitment trends, and general tips for the class of 2018 for post-graduate life.

Some topics Vitale has especially mastered are, career advancement advice, women in the workplace, strategic marketing, social recruiting, and many others. 

This last installment will put a cap over the T10 series, bringing it full circle with overall tips, tricks, and a networking opportunity. “We are looking to change the model of events. Instead of someone just talking at students, we want to make it more interactive and give students the chance to learn how to network,” Urmey said.

“We hope that students make connections that way they can adjust their search. For lower level undergraduates, we want them to learn how to network and make connections to lead to a great internship in the next few years,” Urmey added.

“For upperclassmen, we want them to understand how to be career savvy. This is the most important thing, we want you to know you don’t start senior year–start your freshman year,” he continued.

Lauren Maraday, a junior fine art student who attended the art department’s career day, said, “I’d say as a young graphic designer who is going to start a career in the design field next year, this event helped me get a better grasp of what employers are looking for when not only applying but also when working.”

Maraday also mentioned that she feels she has a better idea of what to expect in the field and enjoyed learning the point of view of the others in the same career path.

Sebastian Rebelo, a junior fine art student who also attended the art department’s career day, said, “Seeing alumni from Monmouth succeeding in the field that I am studying gives me hope that even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment, things will work out.”

Hayley Bray, a senior health studies student said, “I really enjoyed going to some of the events. I think for me, I was able to take the most away from the career fair. I got to meet and network with a lot of different companies that are really looking for candidates like me.”

“I am sad to know that I won’t be able to go to anymore events because I’ll be graduating, but I look forward to what the T10 series will bring next year for other students,” she continued.

Urmey also explained that the T10 series is still a work in progress. The proper adjustments will be made so that the calendar of events will go out sometime in August so that there will be an influx of students being able to attend for next year.

Urmey’s advice to students, “[You] don’t have to stick to just these events, talk to your professors, advisors, career services, just get out and network, there are different departments who do their own networking and career events. You have to learn how to navigate through the career world.”

IMAGE TAKEN from monmouth.edu