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Same-Sex Schooling

Coming from a single sex high school I’ve gone through many experiences that shaped who I am as a person and led me to think differently than someone who went to a co-educated high school.  There are pros and cons to schools like this.

According to The Atlantic, scholars claim that single sex education promotes institutional sexism. The studies say that girls are being disadvantaged or devalued as a social group. Since I had the experience of going to an all-boys school, I do agree with the findings. When you’re around a bunch of guys all day there are always the select group that will toss out a racial slur or sexist joke.

For the majority of the time, when men are around women they are more polite and respectful toward them. However, when women are not present men have that freedom to not think before they speak, and just blurt out whatever comes to mind.

However, The Atlantic also states, “Single sex- schools create strong mentoring relationships and keeps class sizes to a manageable level.” In my high school years, I met some of my best friends and made lasting relationships. Also, since the class sizes are smaller, about 20-25 per class, I was able to receive a lot of help and acknowledgement from my teachers. This is a prime example of single sex high schooling creates a bond that will last for a long time. 

According to the Feminist Majority Foundation, men in co-educational schools tend to receive more attention than girls and girls are more likely to be interrupted by male students. With this being said, an argument could be made that co-educational schools create a disadvantage for female students.

Then again, we discussed that single sex institutions influence sexism and racism. The only real answer on whether to attend a co-educational or single sex school is on your preference and your views.

Also, although the studies show that men get more attention most of it is situational, the format of a co-educational school could lead to a teacher that gives girls more attention.

Or for example, a single sex high school offering a course for men that contains a life skills class that teaches respecting people and more specifically women. In other words, the research speaks for itself but the only way for it to actually be proven is being in the specific situation.

After attending four years of my single sex high school, I learned that although men may make immature comments we were taught to become gentlemen. I heard racist jokes and sexist jokes but in the end these men were respectful when females were present. Both men and women were stereotyped at times.

My only conclusion is that when you put a bunch of adolescent men together throughout the day jokes regarding anything can and will be made. Throughout all of the research this is something that I do not think is situational but is simply an occurrence.