Student Employee Appreciation Week 04-11-18

The Office of Academic Foundations – General Education would like to recognize our student employees: Adrianna, Samantha, Ashley, Hooria, and Aleiana for their contributions of positive attitude, willingness, enthusiasm, creativity, and team work in enhancing our office. Thank you for being a part of the AFG Team! Grateful – Dr. Nye, Bea, and Kristina

Administrative Services & Facilities Management Student Employees:

Thank you for the effort and dedication you provide to support our division. Your assistance is greatly appreciated each and every day. Thank you for all you do!

Becaj, Anisa

Bishop, McKenzie

Calderone, Frank

Castillo, Jason

Catano, Pablo

Cespedes, Danisha

Cirigliano, Nicole

Diaz, Ivana

Donahue, Christopher

Dreisbach, Brenda

Galvez, Emelyn

Giraldo Llano, Amalia

Kearney, John

Mali, Andie

Marino, Dominic

Morris, Nicholas

Napoli, Erica

Orzechowski, Kassidy

Padron, Hanah

Prestano, Nicole

Zarate, Johanna


Athletics, Thank you Alphonso Nachum and Julia McGrath for all your help in the Athletics Department! Good luck Alphonso! We wish you great success after Graduation! You’re welcomed to come back and do our game board anytime!

Athletics, Communications – Thank you to our entire MDN crew for your hard work throughout the year, we couldn’t do it without you! Thank you to Abigail, Alli, Austin, Brian, Corb, Castro, Wagar, Christina, Dani, Dominique, Dylan, Eric, Erin, Haley, Jackie, Jacob, Jazz, Jenny, John, Josh, Karlee, Katie, Kyle, Logan, Nick, Ody, Sean and Zach. – Greg, Gary, Chuck, Jarred, Eddy, Mark, Drew, Suzi and Austin

Athletics, Event Management – A great job well done by the “Yellow Jackets” as always, especially with such busy Athletics events!

Athletics, Intramural Sports – Thank you to the Intramurals staff for a great year. We appreciate all that you do. – Evan and Jon

Athletics, Recreation Department, to the MU Recreation Fitness & Wellness Team. Thank you, guys, for being the best student employees on campus! You make our job as administrators effortless and enjoyable. It continues to be a pleasure to watch you all learn and grow as aspiring fitness & wellness professionals!  Sincerely, Christian and Jon

Athletics, Track & Field & Cross Country, Chandler – THANK YOU for all your work in the office and at our home meets. The track & field coaching staff really appreciates your dedication! Samantha – On behalf of the whole track & field and cross country staff, we want to say “thank you very much!” Your great work in the office starting last summer and all year is much appreciated.

Athletics, Women’s Basketball, Thank you to our Women’s Basketball Managers for a great season! Esosa, Juan, Nicole, Yazmin and Nick for all the little things you do for our team, we appreciate you!  Thank you head women’s basketball manager Nick for going above and beyond the call of duty time and time again, we don’t know what we would do without you!

Department of Art and Design

Congratulations Megan McClintock! You are certainly the Sculpture Studio Employee of the Year!! Big 3D thank you from Prof. Callas and all the 3D students.

Career Services would like to thank David Morales and Megan Bradley for all their hard work and enthusiasm this year. You make our team special and we appreciate all that you do! David-we wish you all the best as you graduate in May, we will miss you.  Megan-we are excited you will continue working with us this summer.

Center For The Arts – To our all of our rock star students, we adore you and value your time here with us at the Center for the Arts! You know who you are Azalia, Chelsea, Christian, Christiana, Dally, Dan, Danielle, Emily, Hannah, Jamary, Joe, Katie, Khristian, Mary, Nizhe, Rachel, Ray, Sarah & Zykeem!!!! We are lucky to have you on our team, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

To our Central Box Office Student Employees:

No matter how many different ways we can say it, “Gracias, Merci beaucoup, obrigado, danke, grazie” We THANK YOU for your continued efforts in the office and your commitment to taking care of our customers! We appreciate each of you: Lily Riche, Mackenzie Kuhl, Devin Bourne, Emily Nieliwocki, Madison Nash, and Amber Nolan, our fall semester grad student!    Patti and Patty

The Department of Chemistry & Physics thanks you for your dedication and hard work!

Chemistry Lab Assistants Tugba Akilli, Karla Clavelo, Danielle Guillen, Alivia Lowell, Brian Macalush, Olenka Mallqui, Jillian Man, Michael Mazzucco, Kaitlyn Murtha, Areebah Naeem, Mika Schievelbein, Samantha Voss

Laboratory Stockroom Assistants: Jessica Baals, Chris Bentsen, Priya Jassal, Amanda Prascsak, Nolan Spengler

NMR Assistants: Arline Giordano, Tyler Soobryan

Organic Lab Assistants:  Sonia Dadlani, Artiom Efimenko, Adham Hasan, Chloe Joswick, Aashna Patel, Kushkumar Patel, Summer Shaheed

Physics Lab Assistants:  Pavneet Kaur, Kristen Marzano, Michael Sagan, Shenin Siddiqui

Quant Lab Assistants: Emily Beyer, Chad Harrison

Science of Cooking Assistants:  Emily DiBona, Abagail Lorenzo, Andrew Soria, Sebastian Vera

The Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering wishes to thank its Student Employees for their Outstanding Service–

Office Assistants:  Sabrina Gutierrez, Brandon Peters, Stephanie Young

CS Lab Assistants:  Mada Almansoor, Davina Matadin, Chris Taliercio, Rob Tanenbaum, Luke Tomkus

IT Lab Assistants:  Sabrina Gutierrez, Emerson Hidalgo, Julia Hoover, John Johnson, Will Jones, Amanda Kwiatkowski, Taffy Lashley, Shannon McGorty, Isabella Partazana, Tyler Roth, Alison Schoen, Conor Scott, Pooja Shah, JP Stabner

Tutors:  Jared Benskins, Sabina Graziano, Liam Grover, Fransel Nzaba-Milongo, George Rohn, Conor Scott, JP Stabner, Nianqi Tian, Robert Thompson, Luke Tomkus

Event Assistants:  Bradley Aiken, Patrice Case, Steven Cassidy, Lauren Clauberg, Matt Drew, Hunter Dubel, Andrew Hegarty, Emerson Hidalgo, Stephen Kresevic, Michael Marmer, Kevin Pecci, Kalyna Reda, Noah Rottler-Gurley, Josh Schlanger, Mahmoud Shabana, Luke Tomkus, Anthony Vives, Kaitlyn Vroman, Jessica Zemartis

Researchers/Programmers:  Will Jones, Josh Schlanger, Shicai Fan, Wenqing Mao, Dan Kelly, KerryAnn DeMeester, Megan Rapach

The Department of Disability Services would like to thank Erin, Tom, Erica, Rachel, Evan, Caileen, Courtney, Taylor, Shane for all your help this year!

The Department of English – “To Brittany Cote and Faith Azevedo: Thank you for all of your hard work this year! – The Department of English”

“The Office of the General Counsel, the Department of Internal of Audit, and the Office of Equity and Diversity want to thank its student employees, Madison, Julia, Morgan, and Ryan for all of their hard work and assistance.  We could not have asked for a better group of dedicated and professional student employees.”

Thank you poems for Brianna & Dalia from Health Services:


We appreciate everything you do,

You’re helpful and so thoughtful too.

You work very hard with a heart that is kind.

A gem like you is hard to find!

We just want to thank you again;

To us you are perfect, clearly a ten!


A positive person sent from heaven

Who works hard from four to seven.

Through your enthusiasm you have learned.

Our appreciation you have earned.

An example to others and always on time,

You know quietly how to shine!

The Kortney Rose Foundation thanks Bryanna Roos for being an integral part of our foundation over the past couple of years.

Long Branch Free Public Library – Thank you to Alex, Bridget, Dakota, & Lois! Thank you for all you do at the Long Branch Free Public Library, your help is appreciated!

Monmouth Museum – We would like to thank Kevin Leight, for all he does for the Monmouth Museum. He is responsible and enthusiastic while working here at the Museum! We appreciate his efforts and dedication. Shout out and thank you to Victoria Roberts for her outstanding writing abilities when working at the Monmouth Museum! Also, would like to thank Julia Barbella for all the great graphic design work she does for the Monmouth Museum! We truly appreciate her efforts and talent here at the Museum!

On behalf of the Monmouth University Library, a huge thank you to all of our student workers!  We appreciate you and thank you for all you do!

Nicole – Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm!  You do a great job and it has been a pleasure working with you!  The entire staff of MU Police Department (MUPD).

The Dept. of Music & Theatre Arts would like to thank Angelina Calderone, Erin Clemente, Hannah Dumas, Alicia Monus, Jenna Puglisi, Olivia Rohlfs, Zack Sandler and Kristen Wilczewski for all of their hard work, commitment and dedication.  Outstanding job!! Thank you!!

Angelina, I am always impressed with your willingness to go the extra mile in getting the job done!  You are an asset to our entire Music & Theatre Arts!  I appreciate your kindness, warmth and support! Best always, Dr. Rotella

Amanda, Ana, Amando, Vianey, Shevaitha, Sydney and Angelina

– Dean Mahoney and the entire Department of Nursing thank you and appreciate the support you give us!!!

Thank you to our incredible student workers at The Outlook!

Anthony, Davina, Emerson, and Evan: thank you for your award-winning work on our website, we would not be able to get the positive feedback we do if it weren’t for you working as a team every week.

Coral and Matt: thank you for working so diligently on our advertisements and graphics every single week, we are more than grateful for you both. Your work ethic and teamwork show in The Outlook and in the office week after week.

Jason and Kat: without you both, Monmouth would not have The Outlook on stands every week, we appreciate all of your hard work, dedication, and positive attitudes toward the paper.

The Polling Institute – Thank you Sia, Maryam, Courtney, Alanna, and Emily for all of your hard work at the Polling Institute! You’re our superstars!

The Office of the President would like to recognize our outstanding student worker Jennifer Alkess. Thank you for your tremendous efforts supporting our office this semester.

~President Dimenna, Annette Gough, Delaine Sarraf and Tina Agnello

Thank you, Danielle Mouta, and Saiera Shueib for your outstanding work supporting the Department of Psychology!

The School of Science -Jesse and Tyler, thank you for all of your help in the School of Science Dean’s Office – you’re the best!

Story Time – Thank you Alex R., Jillian, Steve, Julianna and recently, Sam & Alex C. & of course, our special guests!  Thank you, our lively meetings, events & fundraisers!  I can’t wait for Story Time, Friday April 13th & our poster presentation next week!   Sincerely, Aimee

Student Employment thanks our students who make our office shine.  Filing, helping, answering, directing, running, typing, hanging, onboarding, training, designing – all while smiling and having positive attitudes.  We cannot thank you enough.  Dave/Steve, you continue to pitch in without hesitation and you add humor to our lives!    Kayla, thank you for your constant positively and willingness to help students!  Sam & Farah – thank you for the work on all random projects!  Alexandra /Alex, we are so glad for your help.  Jillian – thank you for our great Student Employee Appreciation Week t-shirts!!  Alexis, you have trained how many students on Ultipro?!  Great job everyone, good luck on finals & good luck to seniors, Jillian and Alex.

Student Government Association – ;Taylor Klemm, thank you for always being such a joy to work with over the last 4 years!  I truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication! You will be missed! Karla Almanzar, thank you for a great 1st year! Looking forward to working with you next year and the fall 2018 bulletin board project!

Morgan Spanier, Kailee Cluett, Vanessa Bremmer, Taylor Mitchell, Pia Farinas and Gianna Monaco, On behalf of the Speech-Language Pathology Department, I would like to thank you for your dedicated time and positive attitudes in the clinic.  We hope you have a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Olivia G., Olivia M., Liz, and Rachel – Every day you do good in helping others. Thank you for your kindness. – Turner Syndrome Foundation, Hazlet, NJ

The University Store would like to thank our student workers for sharing their talents and hard work with our customers. Alex, Angela, Anisa, Dana, Destini, Emma, Eunice, Fabi, Griffin, Jenai, Donovin, Mike, Philip, Rahmonn, Will, Caroline, Heather, Samantha H., Samantha O., Samantha P., Kaitlin, and Lauren – the University Store appreciates your contributions to the Bookstore.

2018 Student Employee of the Year Nominees:

Jessica Arias, Jesse Hernandez, Moon Ho Kim, Brielle Pett, Santino Timpani, Digital Print Center

Emily Berger, Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Trent Broderick, Athletics – Event Staff

Eric Bryan, Supplemental Instruction

Elizabeth Carmines, Turner Syndrome Foundation

Xavier Carrera, Athletics

Frank Delaney, Athletics – Football

Matt Gerdon, Athletics – Communications

Megan McClintock, Art & Design

Elizabeth Nagidi, Biology

Daniel Pillari, Athletics Marketing

Lily Riche, Global Understanding

Bryanna Roos, Kortney Rose Foundation

Susan Schuld, Honors School

Steven Soria, Student Employment

Jillian Still, Story Time

Madison Urraro, Office of the General Counsel

Christian Wagar, Fitness Center

Mary Wagerik, Honors School

Alyssa Wilson, First Year Seminar

2018 Supervisor of the Year Nominees:

Pedram Daneshgar, Biology

Bethany Dickerson, English

Bette Fariello, Student Government Association

Roseanne Roberson, Nursing & Health Studies

David Tsang, Digital Print Center

Kelly Valentine, Athletics Marketing

Student employment would like to thank all of our Supervisor’s for being such wonderful mentors for our student workers and graduate assistants.  GA shout out to a very special supervisor, Terence Bodak, thank you!!

Congratulations to all of this year’s Student Employees. This week is about YOU! Keep smiling and keep working hard! Someone is watching! -Aimee, Rose, Sandy & Stephanie Student Employment 2018

The Monmouth University Student Employment Office thanks all of the businesses that made our 21st Annual Student Employee Appreciation Week such a success!  Please make sure to visit these special businesses!

Amy’s Omelette House, Long Branch

Attilio Restaurant & Pizza, West Long Branch

Bagel Guys, Long Branch

Beach Bum, Eatontown

Blue Swan Diner, Oakhurst

Broad Street Doughnut, Oakhurst

Buffalo Wild Wings, Eatontown

Burger King, Monmouth Mall

Casa Comida, Long Branch

Chili’s, Eatontown

Chipolte, Eatontown

Dunkin Donuts, West Long Branch, Rt 36

Dunkin Donuts, Monmouth University

Dunkin Donuts, Long Branch, Broadway

Fanagle the Bagel, Long Branch

Firestone, West Long Branch

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Shrewsbury

Food Circus Super Markets, Middletown

Fratellos, Sea Girt

Gianni’s Pizzeria, Oakhurst

Gold’s Gym, Pier Village

Gourmet Dining, West Long Branch

The Habit Burger Grill, Eatontown

Herr Foods, Lakewood

I Nails, Eatontown

Jack Baker’s Restaurants, Point Pleasant Beach

Jack’s Goal Line Stand, Long Branch

Jersey Mike’s Subs, Monmouth University

Jersey Strong, Ocean

La Scarpetta Italian Grill & Pizzeria, West Long Branch

Langusta Lounge, Asbury Park

Medusa Hair Design Studio, Deal

Mcdonalds, West Long Branch

Mcloone’s Restaurants, Long Branch

MU University Advancement Alumni House

MU Athletics and Marketing

MU University Store, Ocean First Bank Center

MU Career Services, Student Center

MU Human Resources, Wilson Hall

MU Digital Print Center, Wilson Hall

MU The Outlook, Plangere Center

MU Student Life, Student Center

Nelly’s Restaurant, West Long Branch

Nikki’s Hair Studio, Oakhurst

Ocean Place Resort, Long Branch

Panera Bread, Shrewsbury

Papa Johns, West Long Branch – Call to Apply/Order – 732-229-0200

Party Fair, Oakhurst

Perry’s Trophy, Long Branch

Pretzel Factory, Eatontown

Richards Deli, Long Branch

Rising Sun Cultural & Wellness, Long Branch

Sheraton, Eatontown

Scala’s Pizzeria, Long Branch

Silverball Museum, Asbury Park

Simply Greek, Long Branch

Starbucks, Eatontown

Starbucks, Oakhurst

Super Cuts, West Long Branch

Tiki Image, West Long Branch

Turning Point of Long Branch

Tuzzio’s Italian Cuisine, Long Branch

Ulitimate Software, Bloomfield

University Subs & Deli, West Long Branch


Windmill Restaurants

The Levine Family, North Long Branch

Work Out World, Ocean Twp.

Thank You!