Staying Healthy Fall

How to Stay Healthy This Fall

Autumn has its amazing side– pumpkin flavored everything, being able to wear comfy sweatshirts, and even just being able to walk outside without sweating. Even though there is so much to enjoy about this beautiful time of the year, it is clear that it is also a time of strain on the body.

Not enough sleep, weather change, and stress can all come together to make for one nasty sickness. In light of this, here are a few things to keep in mind to help us all stay healthy this season.

Regardless of which season is approaching, it is important that you always drink water. Water makes up around 60 percent of the human adult body, meaning that without in-taking enough water, your body will end up shutting itself down from dehydration.

When this happens, it becomes hard to think, your lips get super chapped, and your skin becomes overly dry.

After asking some students about how they try to stay healthy, Shannon McGorty, a sophomore education student, said, “I don’t like the taste of water very much, but it’s important to be healthy, so I buy flavors for the water, so I make sure to get the daily recommended intake.”

So, even if making sure you have all that water everyday seems impossible, you can find a way to do it. The more water going into the body, the better the body will work.

Another easy way of keeping those germs away is by washing your hands. Although everyone should know that soap and water are always there to help, there are some people who do not believe in germs.

Sorry to be the one to point this out, but germs are everywhere. Please, for everyone’s sake, take the two minutes after the bathroom or before eating to make sure that all the germs are gone.

Like any other college campus, the levels of stress that Monmouth students face is through the roof. As a person stresses, their body can experience physical pain from the increased stress levels. Some examples include headaches or back pain.

If you feel this type of pain, and you know that the two exams and seven readings assigned for the next day are eating at you, take a breather and find something to do to clear your head. Activities that may help with this are doing yoga, taking a run, or simply watching an episode of Supernatural on a rainy day. Stress is a common way to weaken your immune system, so giving yourself time to relax is a simple way to fight off germs.

Siobhan McLoughlin, a senior psychology student, said, “I took Yoga, Tai Chi, and I am now taking Pilates classes on campus. It relieves a lot of my stress, especially when feeling overworked.” There are times when a person needs that small break from the world, in order to keep themselves going.

What you eat also affects the way the body interacts with the change in season. Healthy eating is important to having a healthy body. This season, try to keep your sugar intake down. Yes, that means that saying no to the third frappuccino may be necessary.

Also, keep those fruits and vegetables in mind when you go food shopping or visit the dining hall. Sadly, living off of french fries and fried chicken may not the best for your body.

Easy things to do when it comes to being healthy in the fall: always keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you, as well as some tissues. Also, eliminate the habit of sharing of food and drinks, so that germs do not spread from one person to another.

In addition, vitamin C gummies are a lifesaver. Two gummies a day when the body starts to not feel good will help fight off those germs.

Another good option is treating yourself to an açaí snack from Playa Bowls. The superfruit is filled with antioxidants, which will give you a strong defense against pesky colds and the flu.

Kiameesha Evans, a specialist professor of health studies, also gave a few tips on how everyone, not just at Monmouth, can keep themselves as healthy as possible. Offering five main steps to take, Evans said, “Don’t skip breakfast, implement time management skills, get enough sleep/rest, say ‘no,’ and wash your hands.”

Overall, staying fueled and getting enough rest will keep you feeling strong, all season long.

While it can be very common this season, no one wants to be sick. Amid your hectic schedule, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If becoming sick is inevitable, keep the germs to yourself; make sure to always block your coughs and sneezes in class.

If it reaches a point where you experience a fever, chills, or other symptoms of a serious illness, please visit the Health Center on campus for help.

PHOTO TAKEN by Jenna Puglisi