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A Quick View on How to Ace That Interview

“So tell me about yourself” is the dreaded interview question. The process of applying for positions and preparing for interviews can be a full-time job itself. It’s important to be prepared for an interview whether it’s face-to-face or over the phone.

Either way, making a lasting impression and standing out from other applicants will really provide a leg up for the employer.

Interviews can be extremely intimidating; so hopefully, by compiling some tips, this process can be easier for the future and for other students.

A good mindset can go a long way when it comes to being interviewed.

Trivial details like body posture and a smile show care for the job already. Jess Pak, a freshman math education student stated, “Definitely walk in with a smile and dress nice. It’s all about the small details like that. They mean the most.”

These are the first few things that an employer will notice about you and starting the interview in a positive way before even answering any questions is a nice start to a long process.

She continued, “Showing a want and care for the job before even getting it is a great sign.”

Interview attire should be formal. Stick to the basics such as slacks and a blouse with a necklace or earrings and for a guy, a collared shirt and dress pants. While looking the part is not everything, it does mean a lot for the employer.

Many interviewers also look for a firm handshake. We’re not trying to break fingers here, but a well-gripped handshake will make a great impression.

So you look formal and you gave a firm handshake.

You’re about halfway there. Sitting in the chair and thinking about what the employer is going to ask will just rile up nerves in the brain.

Staying confident is key, and this can be done by preparing beforehand with some mock questions.

Every employer has their own questions specific to the job but there is the core few that come up in most interviews such as: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

“How well do you work in a team?”

“Give me an example of when you have used patience in your life.”

Monmouth University Career Services can help any student who needs assistance with interview attire and will even do mock interviews. When talking to William Hill, Assistant Dean of Career Services Center for Student Success, he encouraged students to “go on our website, access ‘big interview,’ it is a program which allows students to select questions they want to practice.”

He continued in saying, “You can take the link that it gives you and you can send it to career services and we can email you back or meet with you and comment on the videos and responses that it records.”

This is an excellent service to utilize and the convenience is even better.

The website is full of advice and resources.

Also, a resume is a great document to bring with you on an interview. It lets the employer know that you are prepared and gives a great guide for your previous experience.

Anna Maida, a freshman communication student stated, “Have a resume with you because it serves as the foundation or your work life and it shows confidence.”

When answering questions, just think about your answers and don’t try to be someone that you are not. If they really want you, they will like the real you. Just let the confidence and enthusiasm shine.

Answers for questions should be a few sentences at most and should reflect what you feel you can bring to the job.

Talking about yourself highly is important. Mention your plans during or after college and really personalize yourself to the employer. At the same time, asking the employer questions is not a bad thing. It shows engagement to the job and an interest.

Asking questions and following up with interviewers are essential. When discussing the topic, Hill noted “It may even make or break you to the employer.”

Following these tips can definitely help you. You know what you’re capable of and you know what you can bring to the company. Hopefully, these tips helped. Best of luck.

IMAGE TAKEN from Pexels.com