Winter Blues

How to Combat the Winter Blues

As we are slowly moving into the new year, there are many changes developing in most aspects of our lives. One of them happens to be changing the clocks back. Daylight savings time is over, which brings on a widespread and severe epidemic: the winter blues.

For many, the cold weather combined with the added darkness can cause feelings of sadness and a lack of motivation. However, there are several ways to get back into your usual groove and most of them can be done by a simple change of habits.

While it seems really obvious, opening curtains and blinds will instantly allow more sunlight to shine into the room. Being in a bright space has a direct correlation to our moods because our minds perceive certain colors to be connected to certain behaviors.

The quickest and most relieving way to release sad energy from the winter is by focusing your mind on something else. Bury your head in a book, whether it is a physics book for class or a novel by your favorite author. Reading is an amazing escape and can help you to relax your mind as well as re-adjust your focus on other parts of the world.

Another speedy solution is to listen to your favorite playlist. Spotify makes personalized playlists so if winter jams and slow songs are not your thing, there are plenty of summer songs to listen to. This will definitely cheer up someone who is stuck in winter.

If you enjoy laying in the dark watching Netflix, that is okay too. This is because of an upcoming trend called a Himalayan salt lamp. Aside from being fashionable and aesthetically pleasing, these lamps absorb indoor air pollutants.

During the cold months, when your air circulation is limited, these lamps are a stylish alternative. They are great for dorm room desks or bedroom night tables. Wherever they are placed, they will definitely be fashionable and promote a positive energy to the room. These lamps can be purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond or even household stores such as Home Goods for under $25, depending on their size.

Kaitlyn Hogan, a freshman psychology student said, “I love curling up and watching a movie with some good snacks, friends or family and cozy socks, candles or blankets.” These are winter staples in which you can never go wrong. The scents that candles give off can transport the mind into their scent, blocking out the sadness that comes along with the winter blues.

For example, a “fireside” scented candle can be potent enough to fill the mind with related thoughts, instead of those relating to the cold and dark winter season. The comfort from friends and family can also help cheer up your mood, as can a funny movie, which will make you laugh.

Speaking of good snacks, the Student Activities Board is hosting a New York City trip to the Hot Chocolate Festival. I do not think anything can combat winter sadness more than hot chocolate. At just $10, you can be bussed into the city with friends to enjoy this great event! Being with friends and sipping on yummy treats definitely help lighten up the mood for winter.

Shannon Lawrence, a senior music industry student and the travel and tour/concerts chair said, “I’m so excited for this trip! It should be fun for all the students that are planning on going. We want them to have a fun, stress-free day in NYC.”

Taking vacations is not just a Spring Break thing. There are so many places that you can visit for a weekend getaway to go snowboarding, skiing, and tubing. Locally, Mountain Creek Water Park located in Vernon, a town at the North tip of Jersey, is most known for tubing and other snow activities. They also provide lessons and no specialized equipment is required. This is a fun and local getaway spot to relax with friends or family while also enjoying the outdoors.

If you are looking to travel, the Camelback resort located in Poconos, Pennsylvania is famous for skiing, which is Lisa Bach’s, secretary of the School of Education, favorite activity. “Skiing is a great form of exercise, and an excellent release for the mind and body,” Bach said. Physical activity helps the body to release energy and releases endorphins, which is proven to put you in a good mood.

Hopefully you can kiss winter sadness goodbye with the help of these tips. Have a safe and happy rest of winter.

PHOTO TAKEN by Amanda Balestrieri