CRJ New Drug

CRJ: Our New Drug

For those still craving a dose of bops since Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2015 album Emotion, the Queen of Pop is ready to give us a new fix.

The Queen released two new hit singles, “No Drug Like Me” and “Now That I Found You,” on Feb. 27, which has given people something to dance about.

The single with over 500,000 plays on YouTube, “Now That I Found You,” is a fun song that’ll make you “come alive” with its upbeat tempo right from the gate.

CRJ belts out at the chorus, “Cause there’s nothing like this feeling, baby/Now that I found you,” and you can’t help but feel the euphoria too.

When you have that feeling of finding the one, there’s no other feeling like it.

You “want it all” by being with that person at any moment you have.

Also, you “don’t wanna hide [your] love,” or “waste it;” you want to show it.

CRJ reminds us what it’s like to fall in love and the dance party you want to throw when you have it.

The artist also reminds us of how sexy some of her songs can be.

Her other single, “No Drug Like Me,” is reminiscent of her steamy deep cuts like “All That,” “Warm Blood,” or “Fever.”

It’s not so much of a throw down dance song, but more of a sway your hips and bite your lip type of tango.

Our eyebrows rise from the start when CRJ implores her lover to, “Take me to the limit, hold me down there.”

From there, we hold onto the closet object in sight for balance as CRJ feels “so intoxicated.”

The Queen sings in the chorus that “you ain’t tried no drug like me,” and she’s right.

With this bop that has a touch of synth and a heavy dose of sweltering heat, you’ll be hooked.

IMAGE TAKEN FROM @carlyraejepsenTwitter