Have you ever read your horoscope and found that everything you read was completely accurate? This happens most of the time while reading my own horoscope. It is fascinating to read your horoscope from time to time to discover what is true and what is false.

There are times when I will be reading my horoscope and can relate every situation that is going on in my life to its predictions. Occasionally, my horoscope will say things that make me think a little bit more and reflect on what is going on in my life and how I should better myself.

I will say, I do not believe in astrological signs entirely but I do have a strong interest in reading horoscopes. I believe things happen for a reason and that we try to correlate our own personal lives with our horoscopes as an explanation as to why things happen.

I do not believe in everything I read in a horoscope. Just because a horoscope says that something in particular will happen does not mean it will. Unfortunately, life is not that predictable. Everyone is going to have their own opinions and beliefs about astrology and whether or not they believe in it but I find it interesting and entertaining.

I do like to look up my horoscope to get an understanding of the events in my life sometimes. I use the app DailyHoroscope to look up my horoscope. This app gives you everything you want to know. It gives you a reading on your day, week, and month. Even though my astrological results may be spot on, I still do not base it around my life. I use it more as a sense of peace to see how my life is going to look up during those hard times. 

Astrological signs center on a person’s personality, events, and descriptions of their world. My astrological sign is Virgo. Virgos’ are delicate and sensitive, yet at the same time, can also be critical and picky. Virgos’ may appear cold, as there is a tendency to hide emotions and suppress natural kindness. I do believe that my horoscope description is pretty accurate to my own personality.

 It is interesting to find that some zodiac signs match a person’s personality. It also catches my attention to read up on them and find out the meaning of the signs. I liked to look to see what my friends’ signs are and research on how close their personalities match their sign.

I do think that astrology provides a sort of guide for yourself and some belief in some meaning to better understand the world. People have their own thoughts and opinions about astrology, but I find it beneficial to my life.

I think that if you are a newcomer, you should take a look at a horoscope app, but be open-minded while you do. You may find some new and intriguing things that you may have never known. You should definitely go check out your horoscope today!

GRAPHIC MADE by Hunter Goldberg