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Monmouth’s Most Exciting Classes

Students are often asked what the most exciting classes at Monmouth are, and that is a difficult question to unwrap.

Some of the classes that never disappoint are the classes in which the students find themselves. Often, students who come into Monmouth undeclared choose their major based on the general education course they loved the most; whether it’s literature, psychology, or information technology.

Everyone has different interests, but students often find that the classes they initially thought were pointless or a waste of time were actually the classes they enjoyed the most.

People often fear that college classes will be tedious, but that is not always the case. Yes, you have the classes that are merely okay and you could live without, and then you have the classes you actually look forward to. You must take certain classes to obtain a degree, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them.

Classes that excite students the most are the ones in which they can express themselves, such as creative writing, graphic design, radio production, songwriting, and software design. Students enjoy the courses in which they can proudly present their creative projects. There’s nothing more gratifying than sharing ideas with your classmates and improving your skills alongside one another.

Amanda Graves, a senior English student, said, “I find classes with an enthusiastic professor exciting. If they’re excited, chances are I will be too.” Graves said that the classes she finds most exciting at Monmouth are language and linguistics and creative writing.

Professors make all the difference when it comes to the satisfaction of a certain course. When you meet the right professors, they will light a fire in you that you never even knew existed.

Jesse Bragger, a junior biology student, said, “If the professor is passionate about his work and is able to provide real life examples or personal stories, the class will draw you in. I feel the best classes are the ones where the professors teach the students the material instead of requiring the students to teach themselves.”

Bragger said that the most exciting class was organic chemistry, because the professor brings in an element of diversity, having roots from another country.

It’s not all about context. Most of the time, it’s the things professors do that make a class incredible. The effort the professors put into each class is rewarded by what the students get out of them.

To make for an exciting class, the professor and students should all work with one another. Professors should bring out the best in their students, helping to craft an undying passion for the subject matter.

Creativity, diversity, and collaboration mix together in a classroom to create a recipe for a gratifying college course.

PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth University