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Goodbye College, Hello Reality

I have been the Opinion Editor for about a year now and it has been the best decision I have made throughout my time here at Monmouth. However, sadly, my time here is drawing to an end and I have to pass on the baton. It does not even seem real; I feel like I just moved into Mullaney Hall and walked into Plangere for my first journalism course.

Graduating is super scary. I have been going to school for basically my entire life; I had a set schedule every weekday and now that is coming to an end. I am excited about this newfound freedom but I am more scared about the anxiety of not knowing what to do with myself each day. I hope that the job market is kind to me.

I am sure many 2020 graduates are in the same boat as me, struggling to find a job and just feeling lost after finishing school. I have not even finished yet and I am stressing out. But putting my anxiety and stress aside, I am super proud of what I have accomplished and in just a short few weeks, I can officially say that I am a college graduate.

Let us hope all of us seniors get to walk in May and celebrate this momentous achievement. 2020-2021 seniors will get the honor to say they graduated during a pandemic and I hope that, the 2022 seniors will get to have a normal final year.

I am so thankful for all that The Outlook has taught me about journalism and the amazing first-hand experiences it has given me in the world of journalism that a classroom (especially a virtual one) could never teach me. I also loved collaborating with all the fellow editors and, sadly, I will not be doing my last layout from the office.

I encourage all students, especially communication students, to join The Outlook; trust me you will be better for it and it looks great on your resume. After this issue, I will be passing the Opinion section over to Shannon McGorty. I wish her the best of luck.

To all the college students out there, do not take any of your time her for granted; college truly is a fun and educating experience so cease the moment it will be over before you know it.


PHOTO COURTESY of Monmouth University