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Chi Upsilon Sigma Hosts “Protecting Mother Earth” Event

On Wednesday, April 15, the Monmouth University chapter of Chi Upsilon Sigma held an event called, “Protecting Mother Earth: Save Mother Earth, Save Our Future.” The event covered aspects such as recycling, greenhouse gases, deforestation, and more.

The women of Chi Upsilon Sigma created a game of Jeopardy for the audience to play that used questions related to these topics, along with a definitions and wild card section. An example of some of these Jeopardy questions were, “The surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates.”

As the audience gave their guesses they revealed that the answer to this was, “What is the environment?” The Jeopardy board ranged in easy to hard questions that were followed by informative explanations by the two main hosts of the event, Yarleny Mejia and Paola Reyes-Duran.

The women were passionate while discussing the global issues their Jeopardy questions raised concern about. Reyes-Duran said, “We only have one planet, we only have one life,” along with, “Everything you do has an impact on the world around you.”

There were many suggestions given to the audience on ways that we can improve our impact on Earth. One of these ways was donating iPhones to places that can reuse them or use the mechanics inside of them for other products. They explained how this idea of reusing the phones or the parts inside of them can help significantly, as simply throwing away iPhones can hurt our earth immensely.

The women opened up a discussion section at the end of the event where they asked the audience open-ended questions. Each question created a conversation that was valuable and taught something important about the Earth. In the midst of the conversations, an array of topics were introduced such as the controversy of metal straws being just as bad as plastic straws due to the way we dispose of them.

The discussion questions brought light to topics people may not have known much about, and gave the audience an opportunity to voice their opinions. Chi Upsilon Sigma’s event involved the audience while educating about the problems and issues we have caused for our Earth, along with ways that we can try to fix them.


IMAGE TAKEN from Quizalize