Making Bucket Lists Positive

I have always wondered why bucket lists were associated with death. I mean, I get the idea of it being a list of things to do before you die, but why do we wait until we are old or know we are dying before making one? I might be strange, but I think that a person should have multiple bucket lists throughout their lives.

I wish I had thought about trying to dissociate bucket lists and death before I was out of high school, but I am glad I thought about this in college.

The things that people normally put on a bucket list are crazy ideas that might kill you anyway, like bungee jumping and cliff diving, but that does not have to be the only things you put on your list.

My roommate is taking a class about death and dying, and I found it interesting that one of her assignments was to write a bucket list. It was cool that the professor assigned that so early in the semester, but it was focused on before you die in a class about death and dying.

Bucket lists almost always have a negative connotation. They seem to relate to the end of something. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the end of something is always bad, because it isn’t, sometimes the end is a good thing. Graduating college is a good ending, for example. The end can be good, but how we start looking at the start and not the end is still in question.

When one thing ends, another begins, and I want to know how to separate the end from the beginning.
In a way, I guess that this could be the symbolization of separating the beginning and the end because it is a sense of closure, but sometimes you don’t know when the end is.

I know I won’t always be able to check off everything on my list, but I want to at least have fun trying.

Maybe that’s how we separate bucket lists from death or the negative in general. Instead of making a list of things you want to do before you die, make a lists of things you think will be fun to do. Maybe I am wrong and I am the only one who sees the connection between bucket lists and death. From the moment I became aware of what a bucket list was, I was hesitant to create one. That was until I started thinking about using it as a list of what I want to do at a certain time. I use it like a list of goals.

Bucket lists are a great idea, but I’m going to choose to look at it in a positive light instead.