Blue Hawk Records Artist of the Week: Samantha Spano

Samantha Spano, a freshman music industry student and country singer-songwriter, recently recorded music with Blue Hawk Records.

Spano got into music from a very young age; she started playing piano when she was five and guitar when she was eight. She grew up with influences such as Taylor Swift and Shania Twain, rooting her in the female country scene. She is drawing inspiration from artists that are still relevant after so many years in the business and have made their mark on the world through different sounds, genres, and generations. “I’m very into country music; that’s what I write and that’s what I sing,” she said.

Spano explained how both Monmouth and Blue Hawk Records helped her in developing her music career. “I think it has really pushed me to collaborate with people, which I never really had the opportunity to do because not many people I know are into country music, especially those around my age,” she said. “To get thrown into that situation where everyone is just willing to create and willing to work is really great.”

Blue Hawk Records has provided Spano with the opportunity to record and collaborate in an industry setting. Since its start in 2013, the student-run record label has been able to utilize partnerships to teach students what it’s like to work in the music industry and help with everything from helping to make record or even branding artists. Often, Blue Hawk Records puts out collaborative projects such as their most recent work, Eighteen and MADI (Monmouth Artists for Diversity and Inclusion).

Joe Rapolla, Specialist Professor and Chair of the Music and Theatre Department, said, “The student-run record label, and the music industry program in general, prepares students to better manage their careers, as artists, and prepares students to discover and pursue business opportunities in the evolving and broadening music and entertainment industries.”

As a freshman, Spano is just starting to navigate life at college. Even so, she has already made meaningful connections and has been relating well to her subject matter. She mentioned that her Business of Music class with Professor Rashida Scott-Cruz has helped her tremendously in learning the business side of music. She finds Professor Cruz to be inspiring to her in learning about the ins and outs of the industry, even aside from the music. In the class, students go into detail about marketing, streaming, and different facets of the music industry that those going in as an artist might not think about.

Rapolla has also worked closely with Spano, and from her audition, he and the team noticed her potential as an artist. He said, “Samantha has pro-level talent, both as a great singer and songwriter. I am very proud of the work being done with [her].”

For those looking to get into music production, the industry, and want to leave their mark on the world through music, Spano suggests, “Listen to everything. Any type of music you can and write a little something every day. Whether it’s a line or just a thought you had, write something every day because you never know what that could turn into.”

Spano has a new single titled “Daisies” that is available to stream on all platforms. You can also keep up with Samantha and her music on Instagram (@samanthaspanoofficial) and on TikTok (@samspano7).

Blue Hawk Records is on Instagram (@bluehawkrecordsofficial), where students can check out the artists coming out of Monmouth as well as many collaborative projects.