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Multicultural Greek Council Hosts Stroll and Salute Exhibition Show

BOOM, STOMP, CLAP! On Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021, the Multicultural Greek Council hosted a Stroll and Salute Exhibition Show. The event, which took place in Anacon Hall at 9:30 p.m., gave organizations from the Council an opportunity to perform percussive dances specific to their chapters.

But what exactly is the meaning behind stepping and strolling? Paola Reyes-Duran is a nursing student who serves as the President of the Gamma Beta chapter of Chi Upsilon Sigma. She explained that for her organization, “The meaning behind stepping and strolling is to pay respect to our African ancestors. For CUS, we acknowledge that Latinos are made of three cultures; African, Indigenous and European. Our African ancestors needed to find other ways to communicate with each other and they did so by strolling and stepping.”

Reyes-Duran explained that for her chapter, it is all about recognizing and honoring their ancestors. She said, “Without them, we would not be where we are now, nor would we be able to move forward without learning from and paying respect for our history.”

According to Kayla Kennedy, a communication student who serves as the President of the Tau Eta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, stepping and strolling is also a way of showing respect and appreciation towards your organization. She said, “For Alpha Kappa Alpha, stepping and strolling is a display of pride, pride for my organization.”

For the sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha, stepping and strolling holds great historical significance. Established in 1908 at Howard University in Washington, D.C., Alpha Kappa Alpha’s founders created the organization for women who were not welcomed by traditionally caucasian organizations in the Greek community. She said, “We needed a community that would uplift us to be our best selves…we needed an inclusive safe space to thrive.”

Stepping and strolling is a way to display pride for their organization and its history. “Alpha Kappa Alpha is the first black Greek-lettered organization created for African Americans….it’s a part of who we are. This is our culture, our legacy, that we will pass on to future members,” Kennedy said.

Reyes-Duran elaborated on why the sisters of Chi Upsilon Sigma choose to keep stepping and strolling a key element of their organization’s culture. She explained, “Chi Upsilon Sigma is Latina found, but not Latina bound. Stepping and strolling is a way for our sisters from all cultures to come together to celebrate the mission of our founding mothers, as well as keep our bonds in sisterhood strong.”

However, not all sisters of Chi Upsilon Sigma choose to step and stroll. Reyes-Duran said that they do encourage all sisters to keep other traditions alive and always remember where they came from.

In all, the event was a synergistic success. Alyssa Mata is a senior education student and sister of Delta Phi Epsilon who attended the exhibition. She said, “I always love going to this event! I feel that since COVID, this was the first event that felt normal. Stepping and strolling is such a unique way to share one’s history, and I feel like that’s the reason I love going to them.”

According to Reyes-Duran, the event was great. She said, “All organizations supported each other and represented their organizations in a respectful way. This was a great opportunity to display the unity within Multicultural Greek Council organizations.”

Kennedy added, “The energy was everything. I am very proud of the Multicultural Greek Council, and the work that was done on Friday. I would also like to thank other members from our organization who came out to support us at our show! I was so nervous, but getting out on that stage and performing gave me confidence I never knew I needed.”

Clearly, the hours spent practicing routines for the exhibition paid off! For more information on the Multicultural Greek Council and the chapters at Monmouth University, check out their Instagram @monmouth_mgc.