Making Manifestation Work For You

So, you want to try manifesting, but you don’t know where to start? Here are some basic tips and tricks to help get you in the groove to welcome new experiences into your life.

Manifesting is all about putting meaningful intention towards bringing new things into your life. (Unfortunately, you can also do this in a negative direction, which is why you may have experienced a phenomenon where you devoted so much of your mind to a potential bad thing happening that it eventually came true). Therefore, focusing in on your goals and making forward progress a main priority for yourself are wonderful techniques for manifesting your goals.

The methods for this are numerous as listed above, let’s get in to a few techniques in more depth.

Meditation: meditation manifestation is when you allow yourself to clear your mind of all worries and instead focus precisely on what it is you want to occur. Through this technique you can manifest all kinds of things like money, love, and good luck. Meditation manifestation is also a wonderful way to build self-confidence, because you are putting positive energy back in to your system by reassuring yourself of your capability.

Making a vision board: making a vision board is a very interactive way of manifesting, it is both tactile and visual which makes it the perfect method for those who enjoy a more sensory experience. Let’s use an example here: let’s say that you want to manifest being accepted into one of Monmouth’s study abroad programs, in this case Spain. You would fill your vision board with images of travel, study, foreign foods, and all the things you would enjoy while in Spain. Thinking in a way that encourages confidence about this journey will come back to you through the law of attraction and you will see the benefits with your endeavors, whether that’s physically being accepted or becoming more mentally ready for time away from home.

Gratitude journaling: gratitude journaling is a great way to put some of the energy you have received back into the universe. By making a short list of everything you are grateful for, you can begin to realize just how much you appreciate the life you have and pinpoint what you hold most dear. By focusing in on what you already have and appreciate you can realign your priorities to put more effort to these things that you may have unknowingly neglected. It is also a healthy practice to give back positive energy if you expect to receive any in your manifestations, the world is rules by equals, you will not get positive energy from no input.

Manifestation is a very personal journey and the methods that work for others may not end up working for you. The most important thing to do is to play around in the space and find a method that makes you feel comfortable and at ease with your practice. Always remember the law of attraction, that which you project will inevitably come back to you. Do yourself a favor and make it something good.