Manifestation Mindset

Basic steps for any manifestation:

  1. Find a calm place to be. The last thing you want while you’re focusing in on your wants and goals is to be distracted. Manifestation requires your full attention.
  2. Make yourself comfortable. Your comfort is of paramount importance when manifesting; remember that the ultimate goal is to come away feeling better than you started. You cannot accomplish this if you are feeling uncomfortable.
  3. Remember the goal of manifestation. It may seem like a silly or absurd practice but you will only see results if you enter into it with an open mind. Your manifestations are a positive space and you should not bring worries about legitimacy into it.
  4. Set your intentions. Setting your intentions before beginning is vital because if you are not clear on what you want to manifest, the process and therefore the result can become muddled. Think only of what you want to see enter your life as you begin.
  5. Employ your chosen method. Whether you are a beginner trying out manifestation for the first time or someone with lots of practice, this is the time for your method to shine. Do the work, stay open. Remain positive and become focused.
  6. Relax. After manifesting, take some time to rest and recooperate. For a small amount of people, focusing so intently on their goals can be mentally exhausting. Take a moment here to check in with yourself and rest.
  7. Reflect on the process. Think back to what you accomplished in your manifestation session and if you learned anything new about yourself through the process. Many times during manifestation is when we discover what we truly want.
  8. Keep an eye out for results. Be keen over the next few days to see if you feel a change in attitude related to your manifestation. If not, perhaps try a new method.
  9. Repeat! Happy manifesting!