Monmouth and Manifestation

When you hear the word, “manifestation,” what comes to mind? Is it crystals? Magic? Genies? Whatever it is that you may think of, manifestation is something that many people use and have successfully seen differences in their lives because of it.

In simple terms, manifesting is using techniques and methods to achieve your future desires and goals. Sometimes people refer to manifesting as, “the law of attraction.” The law of attraction suggests that positive thoughts bring positive results into a person’s life, and vice versa with negative thoughts.

While manifesting may sound easy to do, there is a lot that goes into it. There are many different ways to go through the process of manifestation, and not all of them will work for everybody. Some of the popular methods and techniques include sensory visualization, vision boards, multi-perspective visualization, gratitude journalism, affirmations, and focus wheels.

Hannah Latshaw, a senior social work student, said, “I’ve used manifestation methods countless of times. I actually used a gratitude journal this past year that really helped me focus on what my future goals were and manifest some of the things that have happened to me so far this year. I try writing in the journal at least three to four times a week.”

While manifesting, it is important to really focus on what you are trying to achieve and what your end goal is. Intentions for manifesting are endless, as they can be for anything your heart truly desires. For example, with the help of manifestation methods and techniques, you can manifest love, success, career growth, promotions, financial abundance, and much more.

Camryn Stiansen, a senior criminal justice student, said, “I’ve recently been manifesting financial abundance and a stable career. I’m about to graduate in a couple months and I’m definitely stressed, so whenever I see little TikTok lessons on how to manifest, I try to, because I’m really trying to get a good paying job once graduation comes.”

When the physical action of manifesting is occurring it is important to remember that the little details do matter. For example, if you choose a method that requires writing your manifestations, it is important to know the differences between the colored writing utensils that you use. Using color theory when writing your manifestations can take your work to the next level. Manifesting attaches pink to love, kindness, and harmony; black to protections, banishing and releasing; red to motivation, ambition, and passion; and green to health, wealth, and growth. Though these are only some of the colors that hold significance when manifesting, it shows how every color has a power in which it represents a significance in your manifestations.

Megan Frank, a junior health studies student, shared, “I don’t know much about manifesting, but it’s all over TikTok. Anytime I scroll through my “for you” page I’ll randomly see a TikTok about how to manifest and when it’s the right time to manifest because of the moon and certain dates.”

The moon has a great impact when it comes to manifesting, as a full moon represents the releasing of what no longer serves you, therefore clearing and cleansing any negative attachments to your manifestations. While in a full moon, it is recommended that you do not overextend your schedule, rush the process, or consume mind altering substances as these can affect your process of manifesting in a negative way.

A new moon is also significant when manifesting, as it represents new beginnings and fresh intentions for what you are trying to manifest in the next few weeks. Similar to a full moon, a new moon represents a clean slate, allowing you to process and gather your thoughts and create positive intentions and manifestations.

The topic of manifestation has become very large within social media. According to GQ magazine, the hashtag #manifestation has added up to about five million posts on Instagram this past year. Searches of manifestation on Google also went up 400 percent this year compared to last year. Though manifesting may be seen as just a trend, it has made a large impact in many people’s lives. If you plan on manifesting or looking into manifestation as a whole, try to start simple and find a method or technique that works best for you. Good luck manifesting and achieving your desires and future goals!