Monmouth Fun to Get You Through Finals

It may be tempting to fall into the stress and anxiety that the end of the semester brings with finals and projects. But it doesn’t have to be that way. After doing schoolwork, it’s important to set aside time that brings you joy and that can serve as an outlet for stress. 

Being a student requires a constant juggle of coursework, jobs, internships, friends, clubs, and much more. However, to continue this balancing act, your own mental health and wellbeing should be set as a priority. Because without a healthy mindset, it is be difficult to concentrate and show your best effort on upcoming finals and projects.  

Finding the perfect outlet doesn’t have to be hard, because our campus and the surrounding town is filled with unique spots and activities. Maria Monzon, a junior Business student, shared some of her favorite things she likes to do through the semester. She said, “Around campus I love to go de-stress and journal on the beach. Deal beaches are my favorite. I also really enjoy going on dates with my friends in Red Bank, Pier Village or Offshore.” 

At Monmouth, we are so fortunate to be located less than a mile away from the beach. Now that the weather is warming up, a simple walk on the boardwalk can do wonders for releasing endorphins that make you feel good. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach—strolling a few blocks on the boardwalk will get your body moving in the right direction. Being immersed in nature, such as at the beach, allows you to soak up some sun and get fresh air. With the sounds of the waves and birds, it’s easy to forget about impending deadlines and to relax for a moment. Some fun spots near the Pier Village boardwalk include The Baked Bear, Coney Waffle, and the Boardwalk Fun N’ Games arcade. Grabbing ice cream with friends is a great way to catch up and treat yourself to a sweet treat after all your hard work.

Although it’s encouraged in moderation, shopping can be a great way to kick back and relax with friends or even by yourself. Juliette Tordjman, a sophomore biology student, said that she enjoys shopping along Pier Village’s shops because they offer trendy items at good price points. Even if you don’t purchase anything, simply strolling around, seeing other people, and checking out the newest items can offer a change in perspective.

Danielle Shabat, a sophomore Social Work student, pointed to some notable University locations that help her feel relaxed. She said that she loves hanging around The Great Hall and the Gardens because of its beautiful architecture. Changing up your location and atmosphere is a great way to freshen up your routine. Consider checking out the new Parson Cafe in the Great Hall! They serve matcha lattes, coffees, and more. Instead of gravitating towards the same study spots or rooms in The Great Hall, try to explore the different nooks within the grand building. Some students find that they enjoy hanging anywhere near a window with the view of the gardens.

Getting together with friends to go on fun outings on the weekends or during a free moment is another amazing way to recharge your batteries in preparation for finals. Check out these local and simple outings: Monmouth Park Racetrack, Six Flags Great Adventure, The Stone Pony, Point Pleasant, Stumpy’s Hatchet House, and the PNC Bank Arts Center. By breaking up your routine of studying, you allow yourself to take a much needed second to enjoy moments outside of the classroom. If you have online courses, then going on outings is even more crucial because online courses usually involve more screen time. Having classes online in your dorm or home can blur the lines of academic schoolwork and your own personal home space, so it’s important to get out and have fun. 

Lastly, the most anticipated event is coming up on campus to gear up students for finals, and that is Spring Fest! This amazing event will be held on Sunday, April 24 from 12-4 p.m. on Shadow Lawn. There will be a handful of performers ready to celebrate with students: DJ Za, Malibu, Buffout, and UMÉ. There will be plenty of opportunities to taste some amazing cuisine with more than six food trucks. Students will also have the opportunity to win prizes with raffle tickets, including air pods and a $150 Visa gift card.
Just by being at Monmouth, you have the opportunity to explore so many ways to kick back and relax before and during final season. With the beach being so close, there’s countless ways to incorporate some sunshine and waves into your routine. The Great Hall’s impressive design and architecture can take you away to an oasis here at Monmouth. Local outings allow students to get their mind off schoolwork and to catch a break between classes. With Monmouth’s Spring Fest around the corner, you’ll be able to sing and dance with your friends and grab some good bites of food. We’re almost through, remember to take care of yourself, and have some fun.