How Important is Getting Involved?

When I think of college, I think of getting up every day, going to class, doing work in your spare time, hanging out with friends, and meeting new people. That being said, I am also a part of two clubs and have been to many sporting events, including football, basketball, and soccer.

Do I think being part of clubs and sporting events is essential to the college experience? The short answer is, yes.

I highly advocate for everyone to at least give it a chance. You never know; you could end up falling in love with the club you join or the atmosphere when going to a game.

I feel like joining clubs at Monmouth has allowed me to get better acquainted with many students I previously would have never met. It has given me a lot of experience and new opportunities in the fields of my life that I enjoy.

Nick Kowalski, a junior homeland security student, said, “I feel like going to sporting events and being involved in clubs is 100 percent necessary. What do people always say when trying to meet new people or friends? Join a club.”

I have also gone to multiple basketball, soccer, and football games with my friends, and while I usually don’t stay for the entire duration of a game, I enjoy the moments when a good play is made, and I spend quality time with my friends which is a plus.

“I feel like sporting events are an excellent way to come together with your school to have a good time. Granted, you may not know many people there, but there is generally a good time, and you’re coming together with your school to cheer on your team,” Kowalski said.

Seante Barnett, a junior communication student, said, “I was an athlete in high school and fell out of love with the game. However, I still love watching it and working within the industry. Plus, college is what you make of it, so why not support all the athletes and show some school spirit?”

Barnett continued, “I think a lot of people don’t go either because they don’t understand the sport, so sitting there for hours watching something they don’t know isn’t enjoyable. People could also just not like the sport and do something they instead enjoy.”

Another common reason I feel people don’t join clubs or go to sporting events is that they are too shy to go in the first place, or people make the excuse that they don’t have time. While granted, I don’t know everyone’s personal life and what they have going on, I feel if people wanted to be involved in a club, they would make time.

I am not saying that you should join three to four clubs and attend every sporting event Monmouth offers. I am just encouraging students to try and make time for themselves to pursue some new hobbies or hobbies they may already enjoy.

An essential part of college is time management and making time for yourself to enjoy the things you like to do or to try new experiences. Making time for clubs can be a good stress reliever amid the chaos school offers.

So why not just go for it? Four years seems like a long time at the moment, but it flies by really fast. You never know what you might enjoy if you don’t take the chance to just go for it.

If you try a new club or go to a sporting event and don’t like it, then at least you can say you made an effort and went for it, but it just wasn’t for you. You only experience college once, so why not make the most of it?

Get involved, get active, and explore new aspects while you have the opportunity! Monmouth has a lot to offer. I’m sure there is a club for you, or you can always take the initiative and start one up if there isn’t.
Go to sporting events, experiment, and see if you like to watch them. I’m sure it would be a blast with a group of friends, and the athletes playing would appreciate the support.