Beatmatch: the Ultimate Matchmaker for Music Lovers

Step aside Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge— Beatmatch is making its waves in the dating app industry as a new application that draws on people’s music tastes to forge both romantic and platonic relationships.

In 2021, CEO Chudi Iregbulem founded Beatmatch upon leaving his job as a developer and product manager at Amazon Web Services in Seattle. Although now an L.A. resident, Iregbulem runs a team out of Seattle because of the city’s strong musical presence. Iregbulem is also a DJ from which he drew inspiration for the app as a result of industry-born friendships.

In contrast to other apps, Beatmatch wasn’t made to just find love. The app prides itself in allowing its users to use the app to find local shows, make new friends, and discover new songs. The application has a unique feature where you can set specific tracks to play while users interact with your profile. From there, users can also add new tracks they discover on the app to their viewable profile as they swipe.

This app enables users to meet people who possess similar musical inclinations by syncing your music preferences from Spotify or Apple Music to see recommended people and events near you. Your saved events will be displayed on your profile for others to view.

Once your profile is connected to Spotify or Apple Music, three are three profile areas one can develop: your top songs, artists, and genres that collectively create the soundtrack to your life. After that, the app asks you to respond to a series of questions that are shown on your profile, similar to Bumble and Hinge’s humorous yet insightful questionnaire, related to songs or artists. Some examples of prompts to fill in include, “I discovered this track before everyone else,” “First round is on me if you listen to […],” and “I listen to this when I need to unwind.”

Instead of having the first meet up be the usual coffee or dinner, Beatmatch encourages their matches to attend a concert, party, or festival. What better way to get to know someone than by sharing new experiences together?

The app is targeted towards Gen Z users and is available for download on the Apple and Google Play stores. Unlike competing dating apps, Beachmatch enables matches without the added pressure of appearances. In this music-focused app, users can look for a match and start a conversation by commenting on songs, albums, or anything else related to music.

Their website also has a section called “Beatmatch Recommends,” where it lists some popular events happening in three major cities that have a strong musical presence: New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle. There is also a feature on there that helps you find concert buddies, as it provides the option to either buy a ticket or find other people attending that event.

Even the app’s name perfectly harmonizes with its intentions. According to YourDictionary.com, Beatmatch is defined as “the synchronization of beats in two pieces of music, as performed by a disc jockey in order to mix tracks seamlessly.” In other words, those two pieces of music, or single mixes, could represent two people and their music compatibility which bonds them together. How cute is that!

It is cuffing season, so if you are looking for new connections, concert buddies, or someone to bond over your favorite tracks with, give Beatmatch a try. Your soulmate is just one match away.