Monmouth University’s Wrestling Club

In 2018, Kyle Slendorn, his longtime coach Nick Roy, and MU Associate Athletics Director, Jon Cascone worked together to form the Wrestling Club here at Monmouth. Shortly after, current club president Eric Brew, a senior computer science student, joined the team.

Eric Brew and Kyle Slendorn, a 2019 Monmouth Alumni, were both members of the Howell High School wrestling team and noticed the lack of wrestling presence at Monmouth. Slendorn wanted to be a part of something he was passionate about in college. After Brew enrolled at Monmouth University, it was evident that he shared the same excitement for the sport because he was immediately granted a leadership position.

“I joined the club to learn wrestling, get in a decent workout, and have fun,” said club member Matt Rossetti, a senior elementary education and creative writing student. Rosetti said that since joining the team, he has met some wonderful people and wonderful coaches who have made his time at Monmouth memorable.

Rossetti added, “In addition to teaching me how to protect myself, the coaches also instilled in me the values of discipline, perseverance, and hard effort.”

The club is a friendly and enjoyable place where members are not under any pressure to win. Due to how amicable the environment is, members have remarked that they teach each other things to develop their own skills. Several club members agree that this organization is convivial to be a part of.

Some people believe that just because wrestling in high school is difficult or competitive, it must also be so at Monmouth, but this is inaccurate. Sekou Diabate, a sophomore homeland security student and two-time national prep qualifier, said he joined the team because it is a friendly place. “Even if you’ve never wrestled in your life, give it a shot. there are people who have been wrestling for five years and people who have been for five weeks,” Sekou said.

The Tri-State area is well known for high caliber wrestlers and the local wrestling community has embraced and supported the club with enthusiasm and generous contribution to their annual fundraising efforts. The Wrestling Club at Monmouth has raised over $14,000 for 2020 and 2021 fundraisers.

Brew is very appreciative of the support the community offers them, and he hopes this will help grow the club and attract new members. The funds raised are important to keep the club going and to pay for the club’s expenses, such as NWCA membership, gear, and a brand-new mat for their training facility.

On November 12th, 2022, the team made history with their inaugural debut event against Middlesex Community College and Williamson College. The team had a strong showing against both colleges and came within points of winning both matches. Each of the six members won at least one of their bouts.
Many members stated that if there were more members they would have had even a bigger win. Monmouth could have taken the win as a team.

One team member said, “If you’re looking for not just a way to wrestle competitively but to learn how to protect yourself, join the wrestling club.”

Although the team now consists primarily of men, anyone is welcome to participate.

Brew advised, “Do something you are not comfortable with if you want to grow.”

Melissa McDonald, a junior social work student who is very interested in sports but has never given wrestling a try, mentioned that as a young woman in college, she would consider learning more about the club and trying it out in order to acquire self-defense skills.

The club is open to everyone and looking forward to growing in the future.

If you are interested in the wrestling club, please contact Eric Brew – s1239605@monmouth.edu
or Maureen Slendorn – mslendor@monmouth.edu.