Valentine’s Day: Balancing Academics and Relationships

Love is in the air during this second month of 2023. With Valentine’s Day just passing, the feeling of love and celebrating ourselves and our relationships, whether romantic or platonic, is here. Love is one of the most indescribable feelings. The genuine love for another person makes one giddy and nothing short of happiness.

Valentine’s Day originated as a religious feast honoring Christian martyr, Saint Valentine. As time went on, this holiday transformed into a celebration of romance.

During college, many find themselves in relationships or wanting to stay single. The feeling of love can also be distracting, hindering their studies and work ethic due to being in “aw” of their relationship.

College students are constantly being pulled in every direction, not just because of their personal lives and relationships, but because of their rigorous academics. Having balance, however, is extremely important, especially if your partner wants to see you succeed. In this case, the relationship must be supportive and the people must feel that way too.

Dorothy Cleary, the Director of Tutoring Services, states, “If you manage your time well and have a clear set of priorities focused on academic success, that when you do have down time, spend it with people that support you and are special to you. We all need balance, so build that time into your schedule.”

Gabrielle Sangataldo, a junior communication student, said, “If it’s a fulfilling and healthy relationship, it can make a person more motivated and overall happier. If it’s the opposite, though, a person can become super distracted and anxious, which then can seep into their college life. It’s [relationships] are all about balance.”

To some, Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean much. It may be just another day on the calendar. This day may also cause people to think about the future due to either wanting or thinking about a relationship down the line.

Richard Pitts, a junior political science student, said, “Valentine’s Day for me is honestly just another day. At the same time though it is also a day to plan something special for my partner. Or rather something more thoughtful than usual. It’s another day, sure, but that doesn’t mean I should pass up the opportunity to find a new standard I can hold so I can treat my partner better. For all I know, I may discover that my plans are something my partner really enjoys, and from there, can be part of our more regular ‘routine’”

This special day helps college students learn how to love somebody even more than they did before. College students are still learning to hold themselves to a higher standard to love even though most are now adults.

Some might have plans for one of the first times on Valentine’s Day. This can lead to an extra special feeling of excitement because they have never experienced being taken on this romantic day before.
Breanna Guinta, a creative writing student, said, “Staying positive during Valentine’s Day is rough, especially if you’re single or you don’t have solid plans with your partner, friends, and.”

Guinta continued, “This year, I will be busy on Valentine’s Day, so it will keep me distracted. The times I won’t be busy, I’ll take time to myself and practice self-care. I love to write and watch anime, so I will be more than likely to do that. I also will be with my dog and hamsters, which always make me happy.”

If you are alone this Valentine’s Day, there are still ways to have a great day. One way is to spread and love to others. Even though Feb. 14 is the day of romance, giving back to your friends is one of the best feelings. Giving your friends candy or loving cards can help make yours and someone else’s day. Another way to use this special day is to do a self-care night. Some classic ways of relaxing might be to take a bath, do face masks, and watch your favorite movies.

You might also practice self-care by playing video games, preparing a special meal or go to a local restaurant with friends.

It is important to note that Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day even if you are spending the romantic day single or taken. Being able to take care of yourself and show that you are worthy of any love, whether that love be towards your or others, is an important step in anybody’s lives.