Exploring the World

Traveling the world is a dream of mine. From exploring new countries, walks of life, and different cultures, the thought is thrilling.

Nonetheless, while I may want to explore the world and see what it offers, I feel like people in America have varying mind sets on the thought.

Once I graduate from Monmouth and work for a couple of years to make money, Japan is the first place I am going to visit. I am a massive fan of anime and Asian cuisine. I follow multiple podcasts about foreigners who live in the country now, as well as locals who recommend various experiences people should try if they choose to visit.

More specifically, I want to travel to Japan during the Sakura season. For those who don’t know, Sakura season is when cherry blossom trees are in full bloom from the months of March to May. I hear it is truly a spectacle to behold.

I would also like to see the famous Mount Fuji and enjoy a light breeze as I take in the scenery’s pink petals.

As mentioned previously, I am a huge fan of anime; this ranges from shows like Naruto, One Piece, Dragonball, and Bleach, to lesser-known shows, such as Death Parade, Aggresuko, and FLCL.

It’s often hard to find high-quality anime merchandise here in the States, specifically when it comes to figures or statues. However, in Japan there are a multitude of unique shops that specialize in selling high-quality figures first or second-hand at a reasonable price.

A particular bar that I want to visit in Japan is called DioJoylne, which is a bar heavily based on an anime called Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure — one of my favorite anime shows of all time.

In this bar, they have a lot of cool merch and decorations that pertain to the show, and even the drink names are based on the show. Some drinks come with unique glasses or props, all pointing back to the show. For example, a character in the show uses a gun, and if you order that specific drink, shots of alcohol are poured in bullet-shaped glasses.

Other places of interest I plan to visit are sumo wrestling matches, onsen bath houses, and so many others.

While I don’t speak a word of Japanese and don’t know their exact culture, I am excited to learn new things that I can’t learn anywhere else.

Aside from Japan, other places on my bucket list include Germany, South Korea, Australia, Italy, Sweden, and Greece. The thought of traveling to places where people have different customs and ways of life is very intriguing to me; for the last 20 years of my life, I have only known what it’s like to live in the United States.

Germany is likely my second stop because I heard incredible things about their food, specifically their bread and chocolate. A German classmate told me they didn’t understand how we like Hershey’s chocolate, which to them tastes like vomit. So, I am eager to see the comparison for myself.

There are many benefits to traveling, like being able to unwind from the day-to-day pressures and stress of life. Whether you travel the world or if you just leave your state, you should try to grasp the opportunity if it presents itself to you.

By traveling the world, I will become a more well-rounded individual, one who has had new experiences to draw insight from and apply them to my life at home. I simply can’t wait to travel.