The Jonas Brothers Perform Five-Night Broadway Residency

The Jonas Brothers have hit Broadway! Two weeks ago, the band took the stage at Marquis Theatre in New York City to perform hits and new songs from The Album, which is set to release on May 12. I’m going to examine their five-night stint, what songs they performed, and their upcoming record.

Joe, Kevin, and Nick announced the short residency on February 24. The brothers played from March 14 through March 18, with a different album spotlighted each night. Don’t worry, the trio still highlighted their top tracks “Year 3000” and “SOS,” too.

On March 14, the band focused on their Jonas Brothers compilation. The production features “Hold On,” “SOS,” and my personal favorite, “When You Look Me In The Eyes.” Though the popular songs in this collection are constantly played, some fan-favorite tracks like “Take A Breath” have not been sung since their Happiness Begins tour.

Their next show paid attention to A Little Bit Longer. Marked by two defining pieces, “Burnin’ Up” and “Lovebug,” this album was a treat for people who are old-time Jo Bros fans.

Next in the queue was Lines, Vines, and Trying Times. This performance gives prominence to the track “Before The Storm feat. Miley Cyrus.” Some attendees on TikTok criticized Nick for not singing the chorus of the track because it reminds him of his past relationship with Cyrus.

I also enjoyed hearing “Fly With Me” and “Paranoid,” which are arguably the most popular songs on the album. These two tracks hit close to home for me as I remember when they premiered on Disney Channel.

Their second to last night was centered on Happiness Begins. This particular set was the groups’ rebound album and the first production since their hiatus. All of the songs incorporate the brothers’ solo careers and represent the time between their hiatus until they reunited.

These tracks are fairly new, so the band has performed most of them in the last four years. Nevertheless, I enjoyed hearing their rendition of “Rollercoaster” because it was the intro song on their Happiness Begins tour.

I was fortunate enough to attend a show on the Happiness Begins tour, and this is definitely my favorite album. I attempted to get tickets for this night on Broadway, but the demand was way too high.

On March 18, The Album came into the limelight. Though the songs are unreleased, there were a few fans who posted sneak peeks of the tracks on YouTube, in addition to the quick snippets posted on the band’s main Instagram page.

The album represents Nick, Joe, and Kevin in adulthood. In an interview with People Magazine, the group gave hints about certain tracks, including the song, “Vacation Eyes,” which details Kevin and Danielle Jonas’ relationship.

The brother trio dropped their single “Wings” on February 24, and their fan-base is enjoying the new style. Primarily focused on the ‘70s music era, this album is largely produced by Jon Bellion.

They also featured the Waffle House a few times in this new album. The group explained that they went to the Waffle House after their shows and called it their “sanctuary.” It had such an impact on their careers that the brothers are dropping a single called “Waffle House” on April 7.

Though dates have not been announced, the group has confirmed they will be embarking on a tour at the end of 2023. I’m hoping it will be a summer tour as it will be in conjunction with the release of their album. Fans can look for locations and dates soon via social media.

If you want to stay tuned to all the latest Jo Bros news, you can follow them on their social media channels @jonasbrothers and listen to The Album on all music streaming services starting May 12.