2023 Spring Fashion Trends

Sandwiched in between the cold, snowy winter and the blazing hot summer, we have spring, a time to explore a variety of different styles. Spring gives you a taste of all types of weather, with a gorgeous sunny day giving you a glimpse into summer and the next day reminding you to keep a jacket on hand.

Megan Zennario, a sophomore marketing student, said it best: “Spring is always an exciting time because it allows you to ditch the bulky winter items and transition into lighter materials.”

This spring has some interesting and fun trends and even some must-have styles that are making a comeback.

Raid your parent’s closet and grab yourself a pair of ‘90s jeans. Baggy jeans are making a full comeback. Relaxed, loose-fit denim is in. Whether high rise or low rise, a simple pair of jeans are a smart wardrobe addition that you can style a variety of ways.

Denim is always a classic fabric to add to your wardrobe. Denim maxi skirts are also quite popular this season. They’re commonly paired with tank tops and boots for an everyday look or a leather jacket and pop of color for more of an evening style. Urban Outfitters and Good American are some popular brands hopping on the denim trend.

Speaking of leather, the moto leather jacket is also in this spring. You can pair it with a cute miniskirt and boots for an edgier look during a warmer day or with some leggings or jeans for a sportier style. A leather jacket is a fun way to enhance an everyday outfit and express your own personal style.

Ivana Luna, a sophomore finance student, commented, “I love adding a statement jacket or accessory to my outfits. One of my favorite jackets at the moment is my mom’s vintage leather jacket. I get so many compliments when going out, and it helps me dress up an outfit.”

Flowy maxi skirts are also popular this season. They are a fantastic transition piece that you can style for everyday wear or a fun night out. Stores such as Free People, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Urban Outfitters have satin, linen, and rayon tiered maxi skirt options that are very in this spring.

Fringe is another fun look making a comeback this year. Added to the back of jackets, the hem of crop tops, and the trimming on pants, fringe is steering away from the western, boho style it was once associated with. Instead, people are increasingly using it to elevate their eveningwear looks.

If you need a perfect layering piece for your spring wardrobe, turn to sheer items.

Adding sheer shirts to your wardrobe during the spring is a great way to spruce up your outfit during the nicer weather. Pair them with tank tops or bralettes to maximize the look and match them to your own personal style. Long-sleeve sheer tops are also perfect for a fun night out when it’s a little bit cooler, keeping you stylish but still covered.

It’s back to the basics for daytime looks, with minimalism rising in popularity. Tailored pants, cropped vests, plain tank tops, and simple colors seem to be here to stay. The look highlights a straight silhouette and a neutral color palette.

If you like this style but want to spruce it up a bit more, you can elevate your looks by adding different accessories or even pops of spring colors. Abercrombie & Fitch and Zara both have great pieces to achieve this look.

Green, lavender, and bright orange are very popular colors this season that people are adding to looks to make a strong spring fashion statement. Some of the best ways to add small pops of these colors to an outfit are with your bag, shoes, sunglasses, or coat.

Oversized blazers are the look right now. Whether styling it with a pair of matching pants or jeans or layering it over a cute mini dress for a night out, it’s definitely a statement look.

If you’re looking for an everyday, cute shoe, turn to a simple, contemporary sneaker. Many brands like New Balance and Adidas are catching on to this trend and offer an upgraded retro style that you can pair with flared leggings and a sweatshirt or a trendy work wear outfit.

Converse’s Chuck Taylor High Tops, for example, are still very popular and are a great staple piece that will last you a long time. Steve Madden also has some cute and simple tennis shoe options this season.

If you’re traveling this spring or summer, it’s crucial to get a pair of shoes that are comfy and stylish, and a simple sport shoe is the way to go. Sneakers and shoe picks are definitely a way to make an outfit your own by buying shoes that embody your style or will pair well with some of your closet staples.

Wedge heels have also made quite the comeback this season. Besides giving you some height, wedge sandals and heels are perfect for the warm weather and are a more casual choice for daytime looks.

Ballerina flats are also quite popular this season. Stores are selling them in bold, bright colors to add that pop of color to your looks this spring. Flats are usually seen as being boring and casual, but more recent styles are a refreshing and fun take on this classic shoe. Flats are great for people on the go or those who don’t want to add on extra inches with heels.

Have fun experimenting with trends this spring season! Try out new styles and patterns while you can before the weather gets too hot and all you’ll want to be wearing is your bathing suit. Happy shopping!