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Gustavo Takes the Pollak Theatre Stage

On the night of Sept. 22, 2023, Monmouth University’s campus came alive with the electrifying presence of Steven Kramer Glickman, famously known for his role as Gustavo Rocque in Big Time Rush. While Glickman may have been known for his stern and sometimes outrageous persona on the hit TV show, he showed a different side of himself, performing stand-up comedy and delivering musical covers to an enthusiastic audience.

Glickman is no stranger to the world of entertainment. His character on Big Time Rush was notorious for his eccentric and often comically over-the-top management style. However, his appearance at Pollak Theatre was a chance for fans to see the real Glickman—a multi-talented performer with a flair for comedy and music.

The evening kicked off with Glickman taking center stage, and instead of barking orders at the boy band, he had the audience locked in with his stand-up comedy routine. Glickman’s humor was witty, self-deprecating, and at times, surprisingly insightful. He shared amusing anecdotes about his experiences on set, provided hilarious behind-the-scenes insights, and even poked fun at his own larger-than-life persona from the TV show.

One of the act’s highlights was his take on the music industry and his role as a manager as he joked about the challenges of managing a group of talented yet mischievous young musicians. He drew laughs from the crowd as he recounted fictional escapades with the band and familial stories. It was a delightful blend of humor and nostalgia for fans of Big Time Rush.

He transitioned seamlessly into the musical portion of the evening. Accompanied by a talented guitarist and drummer, he showcased his impressive vocal chops by performing a selection of covers from a wide range of musical genres. From rock classics to show tunes, he proved that he could hold his own as a singer.

One standout moment was his rendition of the song “Creep” by Radiohead. Glickman’s powerful vocals and stage presence captivated the audience, and his performance received a standing ovation. It was clear that he had a genuine passion for music, and his performance left no doubt that he was more than just his role on the Nickelodeon show.

Throughout the evening, Glickman made a genuine effort to connect with the audience. He shared personal stories, interacted with fans in the front rows, and even took requests for songs to cover. This intimate and engaging approach endeared the audience, who felt a deeper connection with the performer beyond his role on television.

The evening was a testament to the versatility of performers like Glickman, who can seamlessly transition from one form of entertainment to another, wall while maintaining a strong connection with their audience. For fans of Big Time Rush, it was a night that allowed them to see Gustavo Rocque in a whole new light and appreciate the depth of talent within the entertainment industry.

As the night came to a close, Glickman expressed his gratitude to the audience for their support and enthusiasm. It was a night that Monmouth University won’t soon forget, as Gustavo Rocque proved that he’s more than just a manager—he’s a true entertainer in every sense of the word.