Blue Hawk Records Announces Artists on 23rd Compilation Album

On Saturday, Oct. 14, Blue Hawk Records announced on social media the six-artist line-up for their 23rd compilation album. The talent consists of student artists Angela An, Michael Anthony Rocks, Abby Garcia, Ruaa Khalifa, Amani Lillian, and The Blackouts.

The selected artists represent the diversity that is present at Monmouth. Singer-songwriter Amani Lillian is a junior Music Industry major and actively performs at a number of music events held on campus. Ruaa Khalifa is another singer-songwriter who produces her own beats and experiments with different sounds, while Abby Garcia serves as the President of Blue Hawk Records and also performs at Monmouth music events.

Michael Anthony Rocks is a hip-hop artist with a big stage presence, and Angela An plays on the tennis team while also pursuing her interest in music. The Blackouts is a five-member band consisting of three athletes and two graduate students, none of which are music majors. Despite this, they were brought together because of their mutual love for music.

Of the artists to be recorded for the album, Blue Hawk Records said, “These might be your new favorite artist, coming from your very own community of Monmouth University.”

Blue Hawks Records is set to announce more information regarding the compilation album in the coming weeks.