Spooky Sips: Halloween Drink Ideas

Whatever your drink of choice, you have plenty of options to try out this Halloween. Get together with some friends and enjoy experimenting (responsibly) with these recipes!

A neon green “Beetlejuice” inspired cocktail topped with gummy worms is the perfect spooky drink to kick off the holiday season. Shake together 1.5 oz vodka, 1 oz of melon liqueur/Midori, and finish off with ginger ale or sprite. You can rim your glasses with simple syrup and black sprinkles.
Another fun way to rim your glasses is with honey and red food coloring to make it look like there’s blood dripping down your glass. Inspired by a vodka-cran, a Vampire Kiss pairs well with the red-honey dipped rim. For this drink, shake together 1.5 oz vodka, 1 oz of cranberry juice, 0.5 oz of lemon juice, and 0.5 oz of grenadine.

Another great drink option is an orange tequila margarita. Shake together 1.5 oz Tequila, 1 oz Cointreau, 0.75 oz agave, 1 oz lemon juice, and a drop of orange food coloring and pour over ice.
For a sweeter drink, try a caramel apple martini. Shake together 2 oz apple cider, 1 oz caramel vodka, and 0.5 oz of butterscotch schnapps with some ice. Rim your glass with caramel and cinnamon and garnish with an apple slice.

If you want a mocktail this Halloween, enjoy a blackberry spritz. Muddle five to six blackberries, a few sage leaves, 1 oz agave, 1 oz lime juice, and 1 oz pomegranate juice. Strain the mixture over ice and rim your glass with sugar using the lime juice. Top the drink off with some club soda and enjoy.

There are also plenty of pre-made canned drinks you can buy that are chock-full of fall flavors. Some options include:

  1. Two Chicks Sparkling Spicy Ginger & Orange Whiskey Cocktail: This canned cocktail comes in a four pack and has a 5% ABV in a 12 oz can. All of the canned cocktails by Two Chicks are all-natural and gluten free, and it’s a women founded and owned company.
  2. Kahlua Espresso Martini: If you’re a coffee fan, you might enjoy the Kahlua Espresso Martini. This canned cocktail includes vodka, coffee, and their smooth nitro foam. At only 150 calories and a 4.5% ABV, this fall drink will have you feeling cozy and caffeinated.
  3. Cutwater Vodka Mule: Made with ginger beer and lime along with their award-winning distilled vodka, this vodka mule has a 7% ABV.
  4. Samuel Adams Jack-O Pumpkin Ale: Sam Adams has many great fall beers, but this pumpkin ale will have you boozed up for boos. It contains hints of cinnamon and nutmeg and has a 4.4% ABV. This is only available from August to October, so get it while it lasts!
    If you’re strictly into shooters, here’s some scary shots to take:
  5. Candy Corn Shot: Pour 1⁄3 oz of vanilla liqueur—a good move for this drink is Galliano L’Autentico—add 1⁄3 oz of orange liqueur, and top it off with heavy or whipped cream.
  6. “Hocus Pocus” Jell-O Shots: Have some wicked witch shots! With orange, purple, and green Jell-O packs, make Jell-O as directed on the box and mix in vodka. While still liquid and hot, pour your mixture into little cups and chill for a least two hours. To serve, top with whipped cream and enjoy while cold.
    Kaitlin Chillemi, junior education student, mentioned, “I love ‘Hocus Pocus’ and Jell-O shots are always super fun.”
  7. Black Rose Shot: Come to the dark side with this black rose shot. It looks great and tastes even better. Pour 3⁄4 oz of Tequila Rose and drizzle 3⁄4 oz of black vodka on top to create the smokey swirls.
    All of these drinks are great for a Halloween-themed night with friends or for a night out on Halloween weekend. Have a boozy, spooky Halloween everyone (at least if you’re over 21).