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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Picture this: it’s the first week of October, and you’re beaming from the crisp fall weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and anticipation of Halloween. However, with homework and midterms looming over you, that anticipation turns into worry as you realize you have no clever costume to properly celebrate the approaching holiday. Have no fear; here are some last-minute (but creative) Halloween costume ideas for all of you who fell victim to procrastination this year.

  1. Red Flag
    Most people have confronted a red flag before, either in themselves or others. They’re a no-go in the dating world, but they can make for a funny Halloween costume!
    Start by gathering a red article of clothing, perhaps a dress, top, or bottoms. Then, you’ll need some safety pins, red construction paper, scissors, and a black sharpie.
    Take your red construction paper and cut out some triangles. Once you have your cutouts, take your sharpie and start writing examples of red flags; these can be personal to you or just plain silly.
    To complete the look, use the safety pins to pin the red flags to your outfit! You’re now a walking red flag. This costume is perfect if you’re on the craftier side, but it’s not too difficult for even the most amateur of Halloween enthusiasts.
  2. Any Cute Animal
    Take a mouse, cat, or bunny, for example. These animal characters require minimal effort to imitate yet look cute and endearing. All you really need here is a monochromatic ensemble and some matching animal ears.
    Then, take black eyeliner and draw a button nose and whiskers on your face. You can be as creative or as simple as you please. You can also add on other accessories if you have them, such as long gloves and boots.
    This costume is an iconic Halloween staple. While it has somewhat of a “basic” reputation, it is one that you can alter to fulfill your aesthetic.
  3. Carrie White
    The movie “Carrie” is a chilling adaptation of, none other than, Stephen King’s novel. Although it’s a perfect movie to watch for Halloween, the titular character makes for an even better costume.
    All you need for this costume is a pink dress, a tiara, and fake blood. Don’t be stingy with staining the blood all over yourself if you truly want to channel the Carrie experience.
    If you have time, find a sash that says, ‘Prom Queen’ or make your own. Again, you can enhance the essence of the costume by adding accessories like gloves, earrings, and heels.
    No matter what, this is a costume that is always going to look gorgeous. It’s a stellar costume choice as it ties back to a cult classic.
  4. Jersey Shore
    Whether you love it or hate it, almost everyone has heard of the show “Jersey Shore.” With Y2K fashion making a major comeback in recent years, this costume captures the essence of the 2000s and 2010s.
    Grab your cheetah print, faux fur, and mom sunglasses for this costume. You can choose to simply wear a cheetah print top and jeans, or you can go all out with cheetah patterns, a velvet jacket and matching sweatpants, and fur boots.
    You can also get into character with makeup. Makeup in the 2000s and 2010s included heavy concealer, thin eyebrows, and a silver, smokey eye paired with thick eyeliner.
    This costume is so versatile as you can get away with either end of the spectrum. Whether you take a plainer approach or you go full-on Snooki, this costume is everything. After all, Monmouth University is right by the Jersey Shore!
    With all the stress of the semester, it’s easy to forget about putting a costume together. These costumes are easy, minimal effort, low budget, and will guarantee that you look your best on Halloween night.