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MU’s Entrepreneurship Class to Host “An Evening of Legends” Tribute Concert

Monmouth’s Entrepreneurship class will host “An Evening of Legends” Tribute Concert on Saturday, Dec. 6, at 7 p.m. Tribute performances include Frankie Valli and Jersey Boys featuring Bobby Valli, The Rat Pack via Las Vegas featuring Russ Martone and Divo Anthony, Neil Diamond featuring Tommy Iynn, and The Young Rascals featuring the original lead singer Eddie Brigati. The Blue Hawk House Band will also give a performance. All proceeds from the concert will go to Monmouth’s Center for Entrepreneurship, the Jersey Shore Dream Center, and Rockit Academy.

In line with the class’ objectives, students are responsible for all the pre-production, marketing, and on-site concert production. Since the main purpose of the event is to give back to the community, the students are also coordinating free ticket giveaways to surrounding retirement homes, such as Brightview in Eatontown, whose residents may enjoy the music of the 50s and 60s.

Alijah Williams, a music student participating in the class, had the role of being an envoy for the project, orchestrating collaborations with groups in the community. He explained that the inspiration for the event came from the students wanting to give back to the community while also putting on a legitimately lucrative production. “[The concert] emphasizes the correct procedures and processes of running a business while also keeping in touch with the human aspect of community,” said Williams.

Abigail Garcia, the President of Blue Hawk Records and music student, worked with the class to have the Blue Hawk House Band perform at the tribute show. She explained, “Our class is using this event to experience what it is like to set out on an entrepreneurial venture in the real world. We have already learned so much about entrepreneurship by putting this event together and going through all of the small details that are key to making something this big happen.”

Originally, the class was tasked with the creation of a product that would draw in demand and make a donatable profit. The concert was the foundational kickstarter for this product before becoming the main focus, according to Joseph Curcio, a business student who helped handle marketing for the concert.

The design of the flyers posted around campus was developed by Sarah Garcia, a business student in the class who will host the event alongside students Abigail Garcia and Jenna Farkas. She elaborated, “The idea behind such an event is to involve students in something that requires effort and to help them realize that events are not always as simple as they seem and that a lot of time and hard work are needed in order for an event to succeed and even become a reality in the first place. In contrast to merely writing a paper or taking notes from a PowerPoint, the purpose of our event is to demonstrate the abilities that we have acquired during our education at Monmouth and get real-world experience.”

John Buzza, Senior Specialist Professor of Management and Leadership, is the professor of the Entrepreneurship class and credits his students for the entire production of the concert. “My students did everything; they were involved in all aspects of the event and are the reason why this project will be a success.”

Abigail Garcia concluded, “This is a great event to come out to because you’re supporting fellow students and getting to see awesome live music. I hope everyone comes to see how hard we have worked to put this together as a class.”

Tickets for the concert can be purchased by scanning the QR code in the poster above.