The Annual Fall Fest

Despite the cold, Monmouth University’s annual Fall Festival had a fantastic turnout on Thursday, Nov. 2. This fun-filled autumn event is something that students always look forward to after midterms, and this year definitely did not disappoint. Students of all ages gathered from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on the Residential Quad to celebrate fall and had their expectations for the night exceeded by the event. This yearly festival, hosted mainly by Residence Hall Association (RHA), once again provided students with a night of great fun and memorable activities.

Among the highlights of this year’s Fall Fest was a petting zoo that featured a variety of friendly barn animals. These animals included a donkey, a sheep, goats, rabbits, ducks, and chickens. After signing a waiver, students were permitted to enter the animals’ enclosure and interact with them, even being allowed to hold some of the smaller animals.

Freshman biology student, Jamie Castor, commented, “My favorite part of Fall Fest was the petting zoo.” The petting zoo had previously visited Monmouth at the beginning of the semester, so hopefully they will make a few more visits next semester as well.

Another popular feature of Fall Fest was the caricature artist. Students formed an incredibly long line to receive free portraits of them and their friends as well as to receive a personal memento from their fall semester.

There were many other activities for students, including a henna tattoo artist, who provided students with gorgeous henna designs. There was also a tarot card reader, who read students’ tarot cards for free. Lastly, students had the opportunity to participate in pumpkin painting and design their own pumpkins. All of these were incredibly popular attractions that students were eager to engage in.

To combat the cold, there were also several warm beverages available to students such as hot chocolate and hot apple cider. There were also snacks available, including the autumn classic, candy apples. Students also had the opportunity to make smores at one of the fire pits that were set up in the Residential Quad.

Fall Fest occurs at a great time of year: right after midterms are over. This gives students the opportunity to celebrate their hard work and take a break from their academics for the night. Cynthia Weaver, a freshman communication student, expressed, “Fall Fest was a great destresser from the hecticness of classes.”

Castor shared a similar thought to Weaver’s, saying, “[Fall Fest] was definitely a great way to relieve stress from classes and have fun with my friends.” It seems to be unanimously agreed upon that Fall Fest was a great event, and something that students will continue to look forward to in the years to come.

Throughout the evening, students were in high spirits and good moods. Laughter filled the air as they engaged in the various activities available to them in the Res Quad. The annual Fall Festival once again delivered students with a night of fun and no worries, providing a much-needed sense of relief for many.

After midterm exams, students often feel as though their classes suddenly launch into full force and become more rigorous than before. This change in pace and difficulty can be overwhelming for many, so the opportunity to destress, relax, and spend a night participating in festive autumn activities is one that is incredibly welcome. Enjoying events such as Fall Fest can

help students remember that, although their classes are stressful, they can still take a break for a night and have fun with their friends.