Editors’ Takes on Taylor Swift’s “The Tortured Poets Department”

With her recent award-winning albums, record-breaking tour, and headline-defining relationship with star tight end Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift has become more popular than ever over the past couple of years. Her tour alone contributed $5.7 billion to boost America’s economy according to “The Washington Post,” and “Time Magazine” notes that her latest album “Midnights” was the best-selling physical album since 1991. The announcement of her new album “The Tortured Poets Department” at the Grammy’s has left people wandering just how much further this pop sensation can go and what records she’ll continue to break.

Therefore, the editors made some album predictions and claimed songs as their most anticipated listens.
The new album consists of 16 tracks, including two bonus tracks and features with Post Malone and Florence & The Machine entitled “Fortnight” and “Florida!!!,” respectively. These features are quite sonically different from Swift’s own music, leaving her audience intrigued as to what the final production will be on these collaborations.

One editor, who claimed the track “Florida!!!,” commented, “I’m so excited that Florence & The Machine are on the album. I’m sure that’s going to be my favorite song. Post Malone is also interesting. I’m excited to see if the song is going to be more upbeat or slow.”

Another editor claimed track one with the Post Malone feature and said, “I am definitely looking forward to hearing Post Malone, as I enjoy his music and want to see how he will contribute to Taylor’s music. I’m also interested to see if it will be one of the various genres he is versed in such as rock, country, or rap.”
The unique features and catchy song titles also have the editors wondering how this album will compare to her others and its underlying theme.

One editor, who claimed the song “Down Bad,” predicted, “This album is going to be Evermore and Folklore’s love child. Taylor is going to focus on her lyricism and create a whimsical ode to love, heartbreak, and creative writing.”

“I think Taylor’s new album will have a focus on her breakup with Joe Alwyn,” said an editor who claimed track six “But Daddy I Love Him.” “They were together for six years, so I think this significant part of her life will definitely be explored in this album.”

Some others are a little more baffled by the track list. One editor, who claimed the titular track “The Tortured Poets Department,” admitted, “I honestly can’t tell what the album will sound like. The song titles are definitely giving ‘trying to be trendy,’ so I’m not sure if this is going to be a pop album or something more low-key.”

Regardless of their guesses for the album’s sound, most editors could agree on Swift’s ability to utilize intelligent marketing strategies.

One editor noted, “Taylor Swift is very smart when it comes to marketing her albums. She keeps fans eager for new music or rereleases by creating Easter eggs whenever she can. Fans love finding the Easter eggs, which creates so much excitement!”

Another editor added, “I personally did not love that she announced her new album at the Grammy’s just because I felt like it was not the time and place to do so. However, her overall marketing strategies are genius. She really had everyone fooled that she was going to release ‘Reputation (Taylor’s Version)’ next.”

With Swift’s immense popularity, her new album is sure to have a high number of streams. However, with TikTok’s removal of songs licensed by Universal Music Group—which includes Swift’s own music—the editors discussed how they think the album’s success will be affected by her music no longer being on the platform.

“Considering Taylor Swift’s global success, I don’t think TikTok is going to affect how successful this album is,” commented an editor. “Regardless, there will still be millions of people streaming it the second it’s released.”

Another editor agreed, and stated, “I don’t think her music not being on TikTok will affect the album’s sales or popularity because Swift has such a large, strong fanbase. I use TikTok as a way to find new music, but everyone already knows who Taylor Swift is and if they love or hate her music.”

Although the editors have mixed reviews on their predictions for the sound and themes of the album, we think it’s safe to say that “The Tortured Poets Department” will be popular like all those that Swift’s released before—if her loyal fanbase has anything to say about it.