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BHR to Host Women in Music Event on March 7

Blue Hawk Records is set to host their second annual Women in Music Event on Thursday, March 7, at 7 p.m. in Woods Theatre. The event was created and hosted by Abigail Garcia, music student and President of Blue Hawk Records, as a way to bring together and celebrate women in the music industry during Women’s History Month.

Garcia said, “The event brings our students together to learn about how they can become successful as women in music, and for the guys, how they can be allies and help raise voices.”
The event will feature a panel of women who are currently working successfully within the music industry. This creates an environment where women are able to share their experiences, advice, and guide young women into their professional journeys.

Co-host of the event, Rashida Scott- Cruz, Adjunct Professor of Music and Theatre Arts, described the importance of this event as a whole for the community. “Acknowledging women in music with a focus on diversity and inclusion is crucial for fostering a more vibrant, equitable, and innovative music industry.”
Garcia, being a woman in music, recognized the value in lifting up women just like her. She said, “I think it’s important to hold this event because for many years women in music were, and in some environments still are, overlooked in the music industry.”

According to Scott-Cruz, women have historically been underrepresented within the music industry, whether as songwriters, performers, producers, executives, or other positions. “Recognizing and valuing the contributions of women across all aspects of the industry is essential,” she said.

As Garcia further emphasized, “This event will show women pursuing careers in the field that just because it is a male dominated industry, that doesn’t mean we can’t rise to the top and be just valuable.”
Most of all, Garcia said that this event is meant to unite women and bond over the mutual force that is music, and she hopes that the Women in Music event spreads awareness to the students at Monmouth.
“Hearing from the successful women on the panel will hopefully inspire and motivate our students when they realize that, that could be them one day,” said Garcia.

She concluded, “Being a woman in music for me means getting the opportunity to show that I am a girl-boss, and being able to make a difference in raising the stats of women in music.”
The panel for this year’s event will be revealed in the coming weeks with updates posted on Blue Hawk Records’ website.