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Valentine’s Day Things to Do in NYC

With today being Valentine’s Day, couples or friends may find that they need something to do. Sometimes, coming up with perfect ideas for Valentine’s Day dates is super hard, so here are the best things to do in NYC.

1. Hayden Planetarium
What’s more romantic than a night under the stars? It’s one of the best places to visit in the city, and on the most romantic day of the year, it’ll be an even better love scene.

2. Love Pong
If you want to add a fun spin on things, go to SPIN, play in a ping-pong competition, and even witness pros on center court. With other activities like tarot readings and a ping-pong ball-filled bathtub, this event is one of the most fun options in NYC.

3. Chocolate Making and Tasting Session at Le Jardinier
Want a sweet date with your loved one? Try making the ultimate date yourself at Le Jardinier. With a Michelin Star Chef, you can make your own chocolates. Afterwards, you can eat them, along with trying countless others. So, have a taste of the perfect date at Le Jardinier.

4. Breakup Night at Wollman Rink
If you are still getting over your last relationship, that’s okay. At Wollman Rink, you can go skating, eat food, and make friends with others in the same non-love boat as you. Skate the night away while you forget your ex or find someone new.

5. Mixed Feeling’s Speed Friending Night
Valentine’s is about love, but no one said it couldn’t be the love of friendship. Whether you’re a romantic or want to expand your inner circle, you can find loving friends at this Speed Friending Event at The Ace Hotel (Technically on Feb. 15) for all the agape someone could want.

6. Moulin Rouge Karaoke Pop Up
Sing the night away with the Moulin Rouge The Musical Event on the M Social Hotel’s Rooftop in Times Square. Completely decked out in red decor, with a willing audience and a great view of the city, this event will have you singing the hotel’s praises when people ask you what you did on Valentine’s Day.

7. Pink Pier
Covered from top to rosy bottom, the iconic Pier 15 is full of decorations to stroll down from Love Island to the place of your date’s dreams. Paris cannot compete with the cutesy romantic tropes that this place gives into. From photo booths to pink neon lights, this is one of the best photo-op places for the day.

8. LOV3L1Ne
The bar will put on an event for members of the LGBTQ+ community. This dance party, dedicated to the highs and lows of love, will feature DJs who are a part of the LGBT+ community, and take requests. If you want to play a romantic song for that romantic partner in your life, this is the romantic place to be.

9. Museum of Ice Cream
This 20,000 sq. foot museum lets you taste, see, smell, and fall in love with the single most consumed dessert in the world. Dig into the Museum of Ice Cream with your sweeter half.

10. Mind’s Eye Love Letters Guggenheim
The art museum, named after our school library, has some of the best pieces of modern art in the world. On this lovely day, they celebrate with the special exhibit: “Mind’s Eye Love Letters,” which allows those who are blind or have troubled vision to exchange love letters with different pieces of artwork.

11. Name a Roach
The zoo, famous for its strange creatures and odd habitats, now offers a Valentine’s Day exhibit where partners can name a cockroach after each other. Or their ex-valentines, whichever bugs them more.

12. Dinner At Edge
At the Edge of Hudson Yard, you and your person can eat at the end of the world and see one of the most beautiful sights in New York…The whole city. With what has been called the most beautiful view of Manhattan, this restaurant fills up quickly, but if you want to make the day extra special, I guarantee this is the sight to see.