You need both: grades and experience

School is about both grades and the experience. To find success in school, a person needs to balance the demands of one’s academics and social life.

Personally, my academic scholarship motivates me to uphold my grades. However, being in college is very stressful, and being in harder classes can become overwhelming. It’s important to make sure that you stay on top of your schoolwork, but also give yourself time to relax. Further, having friends in classes is helpful because it allows for you to have someone to study with and ask questions when you might not understand the content.

Sometimes, you will have teachers that are tough graders; you may get a bad grade or two, but that shouldn’t ruin the whole school experience for you. You are more than just a single grade. I do believe that grades and classes are a part of what you really care about, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a normal college experience.

Obviously, every college student has a different experience and it’s hard to say that the experience is what everyone is there for, but it is a big part of school. The adjustment to college is very hard and there is a lot of stress and worry that comes with being a college student. You move to a new place with harder classes and new people; it can be very difficult to find friends other than your roommate.

Nonetheless, this is why you want to get involved on campus, because that is what will contribute to your experience. Sitting in your room all day is going to be a different experience compared to someone that goes out to meet new people and get involved. On campus there is so much to do to make your college experience positive and enjoyable. You can join a club, a club sport, get an on-campus job, or join Greek life to meet a bunch of new people. Not only will getting involved help you find friends with similar interests, but it will also give you practical experience you can apply to your future.

Further, our future goals determine what we want to take more seriously. Employers are ultimately going to look at the fact that you got a degree from the school, but also what you did in school outside of academics.

Things get hard at times and there is a time where it’s okay to take a break from your schoolwork and have fun with your friends. However, there is also a time where we may need to lock in and focus on ourselves and our grades. Both of these aspects are what college is all about.