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Blue Hawk Records Will Release 11th Compilation Album

Blue Hawk RecordsMonmouth University’s student-run record label, Blue Hawk Records, will hold its first public showcase at House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ on Friday, Dec. 8 to celebrate the release of their 11th compilation album, Volume 11.

“This is the kind of initiative we want our students to take,” said Director of Monmouth’s music industry program, Joe Rapolla.

“House of Independents is an important venue in the vibrant Asbury Park music scene. Producing and marketing shows in a professional capacity, applying the skills and training they get at the university, and showcasing their talent adds to our students’ real-world experiences that equip them for life after Monmouth,” Rapolla explained.

Blue Hawk Records is a student-run record label based out of Monmouth University. Founded in 2013, the label’s goal is to promote Monmouth musicians and provide students with hands-on experience working in the music industry.

“Blue Hawk gives its members so many opportunities to experience different aspects of the music industry and gives all of the real-life experience necessary to be successful in the real music business world,” said senior Eva Michaylin.

“We work with artists and go through all the steps a real record label goes through to put out an album and put on shows for both the University and the outside community,” Michaylin continued.

Artists performing in the showcase include the five acts featured on Volume 11: Indie rock bands The Nooks and Malibu, soulful soloists Tim DiDomenico and Kristen Wilczewski, and pop/R&B singer Jacke Tripp.

Pop-punk band The Carousers and solo artist Antonio Gonzales, both acts that were featured on past compilation albums, will headline the show.

Each single on Volume 11 was recorded at Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, as per their partnership with Monmouth University and Blue Hawk Records.

“Recording at Lakehouse was such a privilege,” said senior Olivia Rohlfs of The Nooks. “My band was granted access to one of the best recording studios in the state all because the Blue Hawk team sees potential in our original music.”

“Blue Hawk Records has provided me with substantial experience in how a general label functions embellished with the friendly teamwork and talented content we have in the program,” explained Amanda McTigue, rising senior and lead singer of The Nooks.

“Through performance crucial tasks with this class to create our compilations, I feel confident about where I fit in the industry,” she continued.

Amanda hopes to pursue a career in the A&R (Artists and Repertoire) and live production fields in the music industry after school.

Volume 11, whose title is inspired by the cult-classic movie, Spinal Tap, will be available for streaming and digital download Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Monmouth students will be able to attend a release show held in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center at 2:45 p.m. that day.

Tickets for the House of Independents showcase are available for $8 on House of Independents’ website and can be purchased the day of show for $10. A portion of the proceeds will support student programming.

PHOTO COURTESY of Nicole Govel