CRJ’s “Party for One”

CRJ Party for OneEven though pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen is hosting a “Party for One,” you’re still invited.

Last Thursday, Nov. 1, the Queen of Pop released her latest single “Party for One.”

It’s the first single since last year’s “Cut to the Feeling,” and the first hint at a new album since 2015’s Emotion.

The artist’s last album was a triumphant achievement, which emulated the 80’s pop sound with a sense of authenticity.

Also, CRJ’s single from last year was an energetic and joyful rush that literally “Cut to the Feeling,” because it wasted no time in getting to the point.

In the case of “Party for One,” Jepsen still has that touch of authenticity, but she doesn’t emulate that 80’s sound we loved from her latest work.

Instead, the Queen’s single gravitates toward a mainstream tone.

Like other songs “When I Needed You” and “Boy Problems,” this is another anthem of self-empowerment.

Jepsen doesn’t need no man to be pleased, so she sings in the chorus, “Party for one/If you don’t care about me/I’ll just dance for myself/Back on my beat/I’ll be the one/If you don’t care about me/Making love to myself/Back on my beat.”

The chorus is catchy, but the buildup to it is okay.

At one point, the song gears up for a big bass drop, but it falls a little flat.

The overall sound of “Party for One” feels like something that could be heard on the radio, compared to the uniqueness of her past work.

It lacks the explosiveness of her single from last year and instead blends in the typical pop we’ve heard before.

Jepsen has also explored the theme of self acceptance previously, but the twist is that she hints toward sexually pleasuring herself.

In her edgiest music video yet, Jepsen is down to her underwear in a hotel room getting to know herself better on the bed. Without a doubt, this is the most jaw dropping action the Queen has taken in a music video.

But what isn’t jaw dropping is the music itself. While “Party for One” is enjoyable, celebratory and fun, it’s missing that uniqueness we all appreciated her for.

PHOTO TAKEN from CRJ Facebook